Växjö dominated for a long time against Skellefteå.

They won the shooting statistics in the first period by 15–3, and in the second by 9–5.

But thanks to a great play by Linus Söderström in Skellefteå's goal, Skellefteå was only 0-1 before the third period, where the visitors rose.

Decided on penalties

And finally, with just four seconds left to play, Andreas Wingerli headed in the equaliser.

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Here Andreas Wingerli equalizes with four seconds left

After a scoreless overtime, the match had to be decided on penalties.

And there Skellefteå won.

"Good goalkeeping effort"

The match winner was 17-year-old Axel Sandin-Pellika, who deliciously lobbed in the decision.

- I tested it during the warm-up.

It worked, so I tested it now too, he said to C More with satisfaction.

Färjestad's coach Jörgen Jönsson was not as satisfied.

- Of course we would have won this match in terms of the game, but it was a good goalkeeping effort, he said.

- We are much better than Skellefteå the whole match.