Image source: FIFA World Cup official social media, November 30th. The final round of the Qatar World Cup group stage competition started one after another.

In the Group B contest this morning, the England team defeated Wales 3-0 and secured the first place in the group with two wins and one tie with 7 points.

The US team defeated the Iranian team 1:0, overtook their opponents in points, and won the second qualifying right in this group.

  In the end, England ranked first in this group with 7 points, and the Three Lions will face Senegal, second in Group A, in the quarter-finals.

The United States ranks second with 5 points. Their opponent in the quarter-finals is the Netherlands, the top team in Group A.

With 3 points, the Iranian team regrettably lost the qualification, while Wales was at the bottom of this group.

  Results of all matches in Group B:

  Iran 2:6 England

  United States 1:1 Wales

  United States 0:0 England

  Iran 2:0 Wales

  England 3:0 Wales

  Iran 0:1 United States