, November 30. Following Group A and Group B, from tonight to tomorrow morning Beijing time, the final round of four matches between Group C and Group D of the World Cup in Qatar is about to begin.

The Argentine team led by Messi will usher in a life and death battle.

  The four games are: Tunisia vs. France at 23:00 in Group D; Australia vs. Denmark at 23:00 in Group D; Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico at 3:00 in Group C; Poland vs. Argentina at 3:00 in Group C.

  The Argentine team currently ranks second in the group with 3 points. They must beat the Poland team led by Lewandowski to ensure their qualification, and the latter only needs a draw to advance.

  Similar to the situation in Argentina, as long as Saudi Arabia beats Mexico, it doesn't need to look at other people's faces.

However, although the Mexican team only has 1 point, they still have hope of qualifying. They need as much goal difference as possible.

  In Group D, although the French team has entered the knockout stage, it has not yet secured the first place in the group, so the situation of the Tunisian team is the most unfavorable.

The winner of the game between Australia and Denmark will most likely advance with the French team.