Let's take a look at our chances of making it to the round of 16 with Sports Department reporter Kwon Jong-oh.

Q. Should Portugal win unconditionally?

[Reporter Kwon Jong-oh: Yes.

In the event of a tie or loss against Portugal, the elimination will be confirmed regardless of the results of the game against Uruguay or Ghana.]

Q. How many cases?

[Reporter Kwon Jong-oh: No matter how big the score difference is, Korea's advancement to the round of 16 will be determined by the results of the match between Uruguay and Ghana.

You can see it now with the graphic. If Ghana wins against Uruguay, Korea will be behind Ghana in points.

So at this time, the round of 16 is frustrated.

When Ghana and Uruguay draw, Korea must beat Portugal by 2 goals or more.

If you win with a 1-goal margin, Ghana will be knocked out on multiple points and eliminated.

So you have to win by at least 2 goals.

If Uruguay wins, things get a little more complicated.

If Uruguay now wins by 1 goal difference, and then we also win by 1 goal difference, Korea will advance to the round of 16 with a goal difference ahead.

However, Korea won by 1 goal difference, but if Uruguay wins by 2 goals, this becomes the same as the points and goal difference, so the number of points is counted.

So, in the example below, if South Korea wins 1-0 and Uruguay wins 2-0, while Korea leads the way in scoring, the next case, Korea 1-0 and Uruguay wins 4-2, Uruguay wins. I think we have to watch the game result to the end, which goes up ahead of the score.]

Q. Head coach instead of head coach, what are the variables?

[Reporter Kwon Jong-oh: It is expected to be a considerable bad news.

Now, coach Bento has been kicked out for the first time as a coach in this tournament.

The situation in our country is not good right now, but it became more difficult as the manager was absent.

Coach Bento, didn't the referee blow the final whistle right before the game against Ghana yesterday (28th) without giving him a chance to kick the corner?

So he protested vehemently and was ejected.

This makes it impossible to command the field from the bench against Portugal on Friday night.

However, not only is it impossible to command the field, but even if you are sitting in the audience, you cannot give operational instructions using any electronic equipment such as mobile phones or radios.

So, this is expected to be a significant blow.

Instead, for Korea, head coach Sergio will give operational instructions, which is really regrettable considering that he also coached the Portuguese national team and Bento knows Portugal better than anyone else.]

(Video editing: Oh Young-taek)