Today, Monday, press reports stated that the family of Brazil coach Tite began searching for an Arab young man who was carrying the Palestinian flag, in order to repay him for helping her carry their child, (the grandson of coach Tite), immediately after the end of the Brazil-Serbia match. In the opening match of samba dancers in the World Cup competitions in Qatar.

And video clips - published by the Qatari Al-Kass channels - showed a young man holding the Palestinian flag, carrying the tired child on his shoulder, after the fans left the match stadium.

The Tite family, coach # Brazil, is looking for a young man who was wearing the flag of # Palestine, who helped his grandson when he was sick after the match between Brazil and # Serbia in order to thank him for his morals # Qatar 2022 # World Cup_Qatar_2022 # Channels_Al-Kas # Qatar2022 # FIFA World Cup

- Al-Kass channels (@alkasschannel) November 27, 2022

According to the same sources, the young Arab softened his heart at the sight of a tired and sick child, so he offered his mother her help, a behavior that left widespread praise on social media.

The Qatari channel said on its Twitter account, "The family of Brazil coach Tite is looking for a young man who was wearing the Palestinian flag. He helped his grandson when he was sick after the Brazil-Serbia match in order to thank him for his morals."

The biggest and most beautiful gain 👏👏 from organizing the World Cup in an Arab country is morals and good treatment, and seeing the features of the beautiful face of us as Arabs and Muslims, the face that has always been distorted or taken from a wrong and dark angle, even if the distortion is often intentional.

- Hajar (@hajar28ebrahim2) November 28, 2022

A large number of social media pioneers praised the young man's initiative towards the family of the Brazil coach, stating that "the Qatar World Cup will also be an opportunity for the world to learn about the true values ​​that the Arab citizen holds, and to erase the negative images that some have always been keen to attach to him."

It is noteworthy that the Brazilian national team had won this match at the expense of Serbia 2-0, with the signing of Tottenham Hotspur star Richarlison.