wants even the goals he doesn't score.

His is sick.

He lacked hair, millimeters, to finish off the goal with which Portugal began its victory against Uruguay (2-0) and sealed its pass to the second round.

However, he appropriated it and raised his arms so that the public, mostly Portuguese, chanted his name and inflamed an overflowing but needy ego, now that his legs are like

Cruella Devil

's wrinkles when he looks at himself in the mirror.

The mirror of the Lusail Stadium, where a spontaneous jumper with an LGTBI flag, was the score: goal by

Bruno Fernandes


The cross that Bruno Fernandes had launched with the aim of being finished off had enough trajectory to reach the goal.

It is true that without Cristiano's jump the ball would never have entered, given the supposed intervention of the goalkeeper, but claiming it was a ridiculous act.

The star left the field before the end, when Uruguay was rushing its breath and Portugal was on to something else, which prevented him from launching a VAR penalty that further confuses the issue of hands, since it was


's supporting hand in his drop.

Again, Bruno Fernandes, the footballer with whom he shared a team, Manchester, and with whom he argued when he arrived at the concentration.


Uruguay is no longer directed by Dean


, but the rennet has not changed.

There are things that are in the blood.

It is hard and it makes you feel the hardness of him.

Joao Félix

suffered especially from Giménez, his teammate at Atlético.

There are no friends in the World Cup.

Each approach was a friction, when the center-back left the zone of three to anticipate the Portuguese.

If it's with the ball, fine;

but also.

The striker's hands in the air did not wait.

Uruguay wanted to raise the toughness threshold in a duel led by an Iranian referee.

Although with World Cup experience, it is not the same as directing in the Champions League environment.

The Uruguayan team misjudged and the first card arrived soon.

He took it to


, who played with risk, cautioned or not, but also with courage.

At his feet was the best chance of the entire first half after taking to the mountains alone, leaving

Ruben Días

behind and losing one-on-one with

Diogo Costa


In Portugal there is a new goalkeeper, but he is a lot of goalkeeper, as he would demonstrate in the denouement.

Betancur's career, which crossed the domain of

William Carvalho

too easily, was like

Fede Valverde

's careers at Madrid.

In Lusail, however, they did not occur.

Uruguay lacks flight for the madridista to be unleashed, and for the madridista to feel like Betancur did.

The more the commitment of the parties is tightened, the more the selections are closed and the more necessary are the individual explosions.

Uruguay looked for them in the denouement, already with

Luis Suárez

in the field, and had his shot and a stick from


, but the lack of goal condemned him to one last clash on fire against Ghana and with an eye on Korea.

A short tournament is a tournament of details.


Valverde and Joao Félix belong to the new generation, although they are still in teams in which those from before are in charge.

Cristiano was the starter again, of course, but also


, 38 and 39 years old, respectively.




, 35 and 36, were the references for Uruguay in the areas.

None of the four was relevant, rather the opposite.

After this World Cup everything will be different.

Now you have to play.

Fede Valverde barely did it, even if it was out of rebellion.

Joao Felix, yes.

Portugal always played with the will to dominate.

Fernando Santos was not an offensive alegrías trainer, but he has solved Sudoku with all the offensive heavyweights.

Cristiano was accompanied by Joao Félix, Bruno Fernandes and

Bernardo Silva


He was in control, but without generating anything that compromised the Uruguayan goalkeeper practically throughout the first half.

A chest pass from Cristiano and a volley from William Carvalho were the only prolific.

The acceleration that Portugal needed was given by Joao Félix, although without the same ending as his goal against Ghana.

The shot went wide but shook the game.

In one of the following actions, Cristiano's non-goal came, which not even the final penalty found on the field.

The mirror doesn't like him, but he's already in the round of 16, where even the dead shoot.

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