, Beijing, November 29 (Xinhua) Beijing time last night and this morning, the Qatar World Cup entered the ninth day of the group stage, with a total of four games.

Following the defending champion France, Brazil and Portugal both advanced to the round of 16 ahead of schedule.

  Five-star Brazil's opponent in this round is Switzerland, and both teams have won in their last games.

Although Neymar and Danilo, who were absent due to injury, were missing, the Brazilian team with a strong lineup still firmly occupied the initiative on the field from the beginning of the game and created many scoring opportunities.

  The goal appeared in the 83rd minute of the game. Casemiro received an assist from Rodrigo and volleyed from inside and outside the penalty area.

With this goal, the Brazilian team finally defeated Switzerland 1:0 and qualified from the group one round ahead of schedule.

  Including this game, the five-star Brazil has remained unbeaten in 17 consecutive group matches, setting a new World Cup record.

  Following in the footsteps of the Samba Legion, the Portuguese team led by Ronaldo also advanced to the knockout round in advance. They defeated the Uruguay team with Suarez, Nunez and Cavani 2:0.

The picture shows Ronaldo and B Fei (middle) celebrating the victory.

  Uruguay vs. Portugal is another focus matchup in this round.

In the first half, the two sides scored a goalless draw. Portugal took the lead in the 54th minute of the game. Bruno Fernandez's free kick was directly turned into the goal.

  The lagging Uruguay team dispatched troops, Maxi Gomez hit the post and almost equalized the score.

In the 89th minute, Jimenez made a handball foul in the penalty area and Portugal won a penalty kick.

Bruno Fernandez made it in one fell swoop, fixing the final score at 2:0.

  After defeating a strong enemy, the Portuguese team advanced to the top 16 as they wished.

The picture shows the South Korean team players after the game.

  In the same group, South Korea and Ghana staged a goal battle.

Salisu and Kudus helped Ghana lead with two goals in the first half. In the second half, the South Korean team once scored two goals in three minutes to equalize the score. Cho Kyu-sung scored two goals with a header.

But Qudus scored in the 68th minute to help Ghana go beyond again.

  From falling behind again to the end of the game, including the 10-minute stoppage time, the South Korean team besieged the Ghanaian team for about half an hour, creating many chances, but unfortunately they all came back in vain.

  After losing this game, the Korean team's qualifying situation took a turn for the worse. Not only did they need to smash Portugal in the final round, but they also had to look at the results of other games.

Dissatisfied with the on-duty referee's failure to let the South Korean team take a corner kick at the last moment, many South Korean players stepped forward to argue after the game, and head coach Paulo Bento also received a red card for this.

The Portuguese coach cannot direct the team's game against Portugal from the sidelines.

The picture shows the moment when No. 13 player Choupo Moting (left) of the Cameroon team scored a goal.

  Cameroon and Serbia contributed another goal battle.

The two teams reciprocated courtesy and gave each other "black three minutes" to each other.

  Castelletto gave Cameroon the lead from a corner, but Pavlovic and Serbia Milinkovic-Savic scored twice in stoppage time before half-time, giving Serbia the lead.

  Changing sides to fight again, Mitrovic rewritten the score to 3:1.

However, in the 63rd and 65th minutes, Abu Bakar and Shubo Moting made contributions successively, and the two teams returned to the same starting line.

Since then, the two sides have attacked and defended each other, but the score has not been rewritten.

  So far, the second round of the group stage is all over.

The French team, Brazil team and Portugal team have been confirmed to enter the top 16. The host Qatar and the "Maple Leafs" Canada have completely missed the knockout round.

In other words, the 16 group matches in the third round will determine the fate of the remaining 27 teams.

Image source: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar "Delivery and Inheritance" Organizing Committee official Weibo

  From tonight to tomorrow morning Beijing time, the final round of four games in Group A and Group B will start first.

Everyone needs to pay attention to that the opening time of the game will change from today.

There will be no games at 18:00 and 21:00 in the evening. The earliest game will be played at 23:00, and the two games in the last round of the same group will kick off at the same time.

  The four games tonight are: Netherlands vs. Qatar at 23:00 in Group A; Ecuador vs. Senegal at 23:00 in Group A; Wales vs. England at 3:00 in Group B; Iran vs. United States at 3:00 in Group B.

  The following is the current overview of each group, as well as the final round and a brief qualifying situation.

Group A

Image source: screenshot of FIFA website

  Promotion: none

  Out: Qatar

  Matchup: Netherlands vs Qatar Ecuador vs Senegal

  Situation: The Netherlands and Ecuador can qualify in a draw. Although Senegal may also qualify in a draw, winning can ensure advancement.

Group B

Image source: screenshot of FIFA website

  Promotion: none

  Out: None

  Match: Wales vs England Iran vs USA

  Situation: England can qualify after a draw, whoever wins from Iran or the United States will ensure advancement, and Wales will have a chance to win.

Group C

Image source: screenshot of FIFA website

  Promotion: none

  Out: None

  Matchup: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico Poland vs Argentina

  Situation: Poland can advance to a draw, Argentina and Saudi Arabia can ensure their qualification if they win, Mexico needs to win and get more goal difference.

Group D

Image source: screenshot of FIFA website

  Advancement: France

  Out: None

  Match: Tunisia vs France Australia vs Denmark

  Situation: Australia win to secure promotion, Denmark and Tunisia both need a win and see the outcome of the other game.

Group E

Image source: screenshot of FIFA website

  Promotion: none

  Out: None

  Match: Costa Rica vs Germany Japan vs Spain

  Situation: Spain can qualify in a draw, Japan and Costa Rica can qualify if they win, and even if the German team wins, they need to see the result of another game.

Group F

Image source: screenshot of FIFA website

  Promotion: none

  Out: Canada

  Match: Canada vs Morocco Croatia vs Belgium

  Situation: Croatia and Morocco will qualify after a draw, and Belgium needs to win to be stable.

Group G

Image source: screenshot of FIFA website

  Advancement: Brazil

  Out: None

  Matchup: Serbia vs Switzerland Cameroon vs Brazil

  Situation: Switzerland's victory will ensure its qualification, while Serbia and Cameroon's last round wins the possibility of advancing.

Group H

Image source: screenshot of FIFA website

  Advancement: Portugal

  Out: None

  Match: South Korea vs Portugal Ghana vs Uruguay

  Situation: Ghana win to secure promotion, South Korea and Uruguay both need a win and see the outcome of the other game.