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A commentator who played for the German national football team caused controversy by belittling Qatari traditional clothing.

The Associated Press reported today (28th), "Former German national team forward Sandro Wagner is under fire for referring to Qatar's traditional dress as a 'bathrobe' during a match between Germany and Spain."

Wagner, who scored 5 goals in 8 matches for the German national team during his active career, participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar as a German ZDF commentator.

During the second leg of the Group E group match between Germany and Spain, which were tied 1-1, Wagner made the remark after seeing spectators dressed in white who filled Albaite Stadium.

The Associated Press explained, "Wagner belatedly realized that the spectators in white (symbolizing German uniforms) were not German fans and made inappropriate comments."

The attire is the thaub, widely worn by men in Qatar as well as Middle Eastern and North African men.

Regarding Wagner's remarks, which caused a great controversy on social media, ZDF said, "It was an inappropriate remark. We will start discussing it internally."

Wagner's remarks came amid a war of nerves between Qatar and Germany in this tournament, so there is a possibility that they will spread to a bigger stir.

The German national team covered their mouths with their right hand and took a group photo ahead of the first group match against Japan after FIFA banned wearing the 'rainbow armband', which means solidarity with LGBTQ people and opposition to all discrimination.

It is a protest against the host country Qatar and FIFA, where homosexuality is subject to criminal punishment.

Then, Qatari fans pointed out Germany's ambivalence by showing a picture of Germany's Turkiye midfielder Mesut Ozil at the stadium.