Costa Rica, which Japan will face in the second match of the first round, suffered a crushing defeat to Spain in the first match, and some voiced expectations for a win against Japan.

The match between Japan and Costa Rica will start at 4:00 am local time on the 27th.

On the 26th, with the match just around the corner, a large number of citizens had gathered in the center of the capital, San Jose, and some of the citizens expressed their hopes for a victory against Japan, partly because of their crushing defeat to Spain in their first match. rice field.

"Japan is a great and perfect team that has broken the corner of the championship favorites," said one San Jose man. was

Also, one of the women said, "Although we lost to Spain, I'm rooting for the national team. I want them to actively aim for victory."

Daniel Quiros, a sports reporter for a leading local TV station, said, "The Costa Rica national team is required to play intelligently. Japan has players with speed who work together to attack. Our strength is our defense. must be more organized."

On top of that, he said, "What is more difficult than the match against Spain is the need to raise the morale of the team. Objectively speaking, it will be difficult to win against Japan, and I expect the game to be one-on-one." I was.

Local media: "The atmosphere in the team is good"

The Costa Rican media has reported in detail on the state of the Costa Rica national team and how they will play against Japan ahead of the match against the Japanese national team.

Of these, the Internet media ``Seleoi Puntocom'' introduced the Costa Rica national team in an article dated 26th, saying, ``We are trying to make a fresh start ahead of the match against Japan. However, the atmosphere is good."

In addition, the influential local TV program "Teletica" published an article with the headline "How should the Costa Rica national team play against the Japanese national team?" with interviews with several coaches of local professional soccer teams. .

One of the coaches said, ``Asian teams, including Japan, are very fast, powerful, and fierce.''

In addition, another coach also insisted that defensive tactics should be adopted, such as pointing out, ``We have to strengthen the defense and place speedy players on the flanks to speed up the switching between offense and defense.'' rice field.