, November 27. From tonight to tomorrow morning, Beijing time, the second round of Group E and Group F of the World Cup in Qatar is about to start.

Among them, Group E games have attracted much attention, especially the peak match between the German team and the Spanish team.

Image source: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar "Delivery and Inheritance" Organizing Committee official Weibo

  The strong dialogue between Germany and Spain is the most watched duel in a total of 48 games in the group stage, and it is also the only contest between former world champions in the group stage.

The performances of the two teams in their respective first games were completely different, which also added more topics to this confrontation.

  Under the leadership of the "post-00s" such as Garvey, Pedri, Ferran Torres, and Bald, the Spanish team beat Costa Rica 7-0 in the first game, and the data of over a thousand passes in the audience is rare in history.

On the other hand, the German team was reversed by the Japanese team in the lead, and lost to South Korea and Japan in the last two World Cup games.

The picture shows the Spanish players celebrating the victory.

  If they lose to Spain again, the German team is likely to miss the knockout rounds for two consecutive World Cups.

Not even a draw was an acceptable outcome for the German team.

Although the promotion situation of the two teams is very different, judging from the lineup, this is still a 50-50 matchup.

  Due to winning too easily, the Spanish team did not experience too many tests in the first game.

However, the strength of the German team, which is fighting to the death, is far above that of Costa Rica, and the young Matador Corps will not pass the test easily.

The picture shows the missing figure of 19-year-old Musiala of the German team.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  The peak match between Germany and Spain is also regarded as another contest between Bayern Munich and Barcelona. This is one of the reasons why many people are optimistic that the German team can bottom out.

  The Bundesliga Banba and La Liga giants each contributed seven players to the national team, and most of them played important roles in the team, such as Neuer, Muller, Kimmich, Busquets, Pedri, Garvey and so on.

Recently, Bayern Munich has been showing people the image of a "Barcelona killer". For example, in this season's Champions League group stage, Bayern "double-killed" their opponents.

  In another game in this group, the Japanese team will face Costa Rica at prime time tonight.

If the main test of the first game is the defense of the Japanese team, then in this game, the team's attack line will be tested.

The picture shows the Japanese team celebrating their victory.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  When playing against Germany, the Japanese team still focused on defense. The German team's high defense line left room for the opponent to counterattack.

In the face of Costa Rica, which was "stunned" by Spain in the last round, the Japanese team will play more actively and control the ball more.

Costa Rica will not stick to it blindly, because a draw means little to the team's promotion.

  This will be a wonderful game, and it will also test the quality of the "dark horse" of the Japanese team.


  Attached game time:

  Group E 18:00 Japan vs. Costa Rica

  Group F 21:00 Belgium vs. Morocco

  Group F 00:00Croatia v Canada

  Group E 3:00 Spain vs Germany