The G1 Race Japan Cup of horse racing was held at the Tokyo Racecourse, and Vera Azul, the third favorite, won the championship.

Vera Azul is his first ever G1 race win.

The Japan Cup was held at the Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu City, Tokyo, and 18 horses including foreign horses entered.

The race progressed at a slow pace from the beginning, and in the midst of a mixed race, Vera Azul, who was the 3rd favorite in his first G1 race entry, was in the middle of the line and entered the final straight.

And with a sharp tail, he caught the horse in front just before the finish and won his first G1 race in a time of 2:23.7, three-quarters of a length ahead of the runner-up.

The 2nd was the most popular Shahriar, and the 3rd was the 4th most popular Weltreisende.

Ryan Moore, who rode Vera Azul, said: "The pace was so slow that for most of the race I had no space and had to find a way out. I was surprised by that. I was able to win because I did very well,” he calmly looked back on the race.

The payout amount is

▽ 6th place win 450 yen,

▽ 3-7 race 470 yen,

▽ 6th-15th place horse race 940 yen,

▽ 6th-15th place 1920 yen,

▽ 3 Doubles are 3-6-15 for 2,360


; 560 yen, No. 3-15 was 530 yen.