The Juryo of the Grand Sumo Kyushu Tournament is from Mongolia, and Oshouma of the Naruto stable won the championship match and won the Juryo for the first time.

Katsuma Ou entered Chiakiraku on the 27th with only 1 person and 3 losses in 10 cars, but he was pushed out by Dai Amami, who lost 4, and tied for 11 wins and 4 losses, making it a championship match between the two. rice field.

In the decisive battle, Ou Katsuma pushed out and beat Oamami to win the juryo championship for the first time.

Katsuma Ou is 25 years old from Mongolia.

He won the national student championship two years ago and became a "student yokozuna", and stepped on the first ring as the 15th makushita ranking at the Kyushu tournament last November.

With a height of 1.89 cm and a weight of 154 kg, he steadily climbed the rankings with his powerful push sumo, and was promoted to jūryō in four places from his first ring.

Ima-basho is the 12th jūryō in the west, and he has steadily accumulated wins centered on his specialty, push sumo.

Katsuma Ou said, "I wanted to finish first in the main competition, but my body was stiff. I'm glad I was able to win in the last place this year. I want to keep practicing and gain more strength." was