Yakult, who won the professional baseball Central League in a row, held an event to thank the fans, and Munetaka Murakami, who won the triple crown for the first time in Reiwa, entertained the fans with a talk show.

Every year, Yakult holds an event at its home ground, Jingu Stadium, to thank the fans after the season, and about 20,000 people gathered to win the league title.

Murakami Munetaka, the youngest player to win the Triple Crown this season, made a surprise appearance with Kumamon, the PR character for Murakami's hometown, Kumamoto Prefecture.

Also, 56 tomatoes and 56 fruits, which are special products, were presented after the number of home runs this season.

Murakami, who happily received the gift, commented on his 56th home run, the most by a Japanese player: "After 55th, I had a hard time hitting it, but I told myself that it was a good experience. It was a reward," he said.

In addition, there was a question time and a photo session with the players, and the fans had a good time.

Finally, Director Shingo Takatsu said, "Thank you very much for this year. I couldn't win the Japan Series, so I will study baseball and prepare for next season. See you next spring at Jingu Stadium. Have a wonderful season. I promise to do it," he said with a strong greeting, pledging to regain Japan's No.