The All Japan Women's Ekiden, which competes for the best women's Ekiden in Japan, was held in Miyagi Prefecture, and the athletes who participated in last year's Tokyo Olympics showed a good run.

Shiseido won the competition for the second time in 16 years.

24 teams participated in this year's tournament, which was held on a course of 42.195 km in 6 sections from Matsushima Town, Miyagi Prefecture to Sendai City, and 9 athletes who participated in last year's Tokyo Olympics participated in their respective teams. .

Toyota Industries' Nozomi Tanaka, who finished 8th in the women's 1,500 meters at the Tokyo Games, made her appearance in Section 1. Despite her first appearance in this tournament, she ran 2nd in the section.

In Section 3, the longest distance of 10.9 km, Japan Post Group's Rika Hironaka, who finished 7th in the women's 10,000 meters at the Tokyo Games, received the sash in 4th place, overtaking other players one after another to pass the 8 km mark. I captured Shiseido's Mao Ichiyama, who won the 8th place in the women's marathon at the Tokyo Games, who was running the top.

After that, Hironaka fought for the lead with Sekisui Chemical's Hitomi Shintani, the representative of the Tokyo tournament, who had been catching up from behind, but in the end he overtook and tied the sash to the top.

The Section 3 prize went to Shintani, who ran in 34 minutes and 8 seconds, just one second behind Hironaka, who finished second in the section.

On the other hand, in the race, Shiseido, who regained the lead in the 4th section, maintained its lead and finished with a time of 2 hours 12 minutes 28 seconds, more than 2 minutes behind the 2nd place, breaking the race record for the first time in 16 years. I won my second championship.

Second place was Sekisui Chemical, and third place was Japan Post Group.