• The French team managed to beat Denmark (2-1), in its second match of the World Cup.

  • Dembélé and especially Mbappé were at the level and allowed France to become the first nation to qualify for the round of 16 of this 2022 World Cup.

From our special correspondent at stadium 974,

France, first nation qualified for the round of 16!

With a decisive Mbappé and a more than stirring Dembelé, the Blues finally beat Denmark (2-1), for their second match of the group stages of this 2022 World Cup. 

Dembouz responds present

Since the start of the rally, and even more so when we realized that the guy was going to leave in the shoes of a holder of this World Cup, some in the house sports department have put a big buck on Uncle Dembélé.

Others don't, it's up to them.

They will be judged in due time, don't worry.

After making a more than honorable copy against Australia on Tuesday, punctuated by a decisive cross for the goal of Mbappé's head, the Barcelonan, a time announced on the bench in place of Coman, again disgusted the match against Denmark with all his class.

It's not complicated, he was everywhere.

In defense, where Didier Deschamps awaits him at the turn during this competition, like this starvation tackle on Maehle.

But especially in front, where he appeared during the first half as the chief blaster of the Danish defense.


of course

, lively on his support and armored with confidence, Dembouz put everyone on the left side in misery with his cric-crac-I-go-over-here-hey-no-I-go-over-there-you- see-me-again.

It was also the origin of four of the seven French occasions of the first period.

With a small preference for this inside hook chained by a cake towards Rabiot (21st), whose uncrossed head reminded us a little of that of Zizou in the final against Italy in 2006 and slammed by Buffon.

Less prominent in the second half and replaced by Coman on the hour mark, Dembouz will just have to improve in consistency over the entirety of the match.

A hallucinating strike force

We were eager to see what the Blues were going to give in this hybrid system in 4-2-3-1 / 4-3-3, with a Griezmann in total freedom and responsible for going to the coal to help the Rabiot pair -Tchouaméni, and we were not disappointed.

It will have lacked a bit of skill here, a bit of luck there, but this match against Denmark, which was far less permeable than the Australian defense, confirmed that this French team has a striking power without really equal in this World Cup.

We will all the same put a small flat for Mbappé, sometimes rough during the first act, but who would have deserved to go to the end on this acceleration "remember Kazan 2018" if Christensen in the position of almost last defender had not hung him like a sagoin.

All without taking a red... which would not have been stolen.

Mbappé's awakening

We know our national Kylian too well not to know that a failed first act often means an atomic response in stride.

“Aren't you happy?

Triplet”, you know the melody.

There, for once, it was a double.

Liberator of the Blues on the hour mark after a one-two from space with Théo Hernandez on the left of the Danish surface, before the Danish Dynamite equalized against the court of the game, number 10 handed the mosque to the middle of the town by taking over with the thigh a delicious cross from Antoine Griezmann, still monstrous on Saturday.

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He could also have scored a triplet but his (too) ambitious volley would have deserved to turn into a deep pass for Marcus Thuram who came into play in the 63rd in place of Giroud.

Whatever, the essential is there.

By winning their first two pool matches - as in Brazil in 2014 and 2018 - the Blues are already guaranteed to see the color of the round of 16, and even afford the luxury of being able to play against Tunisia on Wednesday ( 16 hours).

More than a detail, a golden opportunity for Deschamps to chew his replacements.

Nothing like the life of a group that already seemed to get off to a good start in Australia.


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