(Qatar World Cup) When he walked into the World Cup stadium he built

  China News Agency, Doha, November 25th: When he walked into the World Cup stadium he built

  China News Agency reporter Xing Chong

  The "golden bowl" shape of the Lusail Stadium is particularly dazzling under the night.

Its design is inspired by the golden bowl with Arabic characteristics. When local families entertain distinguished guests, they will put some dried fruits in the golden bowl to show the host's hospitality.

  On the evening of the 24th, the championship favorite Brazil ushered in the World Cup debut here. This largest stadium in Qatar World Cup, which can accommodate more than 90,000 people, was ignited by the most passionate football passion of the "Samba Legion".

  When Shang Zhonghe walked into this "familiarly familiar" stadium, such excitement was "somewhat strange" to him.

"It's like seeing my own child and finally growing up to be happy for it, but in retrospect it's like seeing my father, because it taught me to grow up and always brings back memories of the past."

The picture shows the exterior of Lusail Stadium for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  This seemingly contradictory metaphor is just a portrayal of the hearts of a group of young people such as Shang Zhonghe from China Railway Construction.

This World Cup final stadium, which will witness the moment when the "Hercules Cup" is won, is the first time that a Chinese company has participated in the construction of a professional football stadium with the highest standard of FIFA as a general contractor of design and construction. It was printed in Qatar On the newly issued 10 riyal banknote, it is called "the most important stadium of the World Cup in Qatar".

  Shang Zhonghe clearly remembers that when he came here for the first time in 2017, it was still a deserted desert with only one express road connecting to the outside world.

In fact, at the beginning of the construction of Lusail Stadium, many professionals in the international construction field were not optimistic, thinking that this was an "impossible task".

  For example, Qatar has high temperature and high humidity all year round, and the highest temperature in summer can reach 50 degrees Celsius. It is not easy to complete the project on time and meet the FIFA standards, not to mention that this is a single-layer cable-net roof building with the largest span in the world. Many builders "stay away".

  Today, this seemingly impossible building rises from the desert in northern Qatar: the "bowl wall" is composed of hundreds of golden triangular curtain wall units, and the curtain wall extends from bottom to top to the upper part of the stadium. Attached to the roof structure.

Not far away, there are row upon row of commercial blocks, and the stadium has led to the rise of a new city of Lusail.

  Shang Zhonghe "has a special enthusiasm" for buildings with strange appearances. When he saw the design of Lusail Stadium for the first time, "he wanted to turn it from a drawing into a reality."

As the site engineer of the China Railway Construction Lusail Stadium project, Shang Zhonghe said that their task is to "be sure to complete it before the World Cup."

  Qatar is a country that is extremely dependent on imports of raw materials, and the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic is a major challenge.

Even so, with the coordination and cooperation between China and Qatar, Shang Zhonghe and his team "tried every possible way", and the Lusail Stadium was successfully handed over ahead of schedule.

  Sitting in the stands of Lusail Stadium, there is a directional air-conditioning system behind each seat, so you don't feel like you are in a hot desert.

But this reminded Shang Zhonghe that he and his colleagues came to the construction site under the scorching sun in countless weathers of more than 50 degrees.

"Do you know what 'rough' clothes look like? It means sweating for a long time and causing the clothes to be covered with lye, and after drying, the hands will be broken." He told reporters.

  In fact, Shang Zhonghe is not a football fan, but he just wanted to see how the stadium he had been waiting for day and night looked like during the World Cup.

Coincidentally, many colleagues in his team bought the match between Brazil and Serbia. Perhaps they had work to do during the day, so they chose the match that started at ten o'clock in the evening.

  That night, the Brazilian team defeated Serbia 2:0, showing a "champion look".

After midnight, the Lusail Stadium was still shining with stars, and Brazilian fans in yellow and green jerseys sang and danced in front of the stadium.

  During the reporter's interview, some fans praised the stadium when they learned that it was built by China.

Shang Zhonghe was also a little moved. He said that he was able to gain everyone's recognition, thanks to the compatriots who stick to the front line, and it is inseparable from the motherland and family that support them behind them.