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  • Four days after a historic victory which earned all Saudis a holiday to celebrate, Hervé Renard's players return to Poland with the Round of 16 in sight at the Education City stadium at 2 p.m. this Saturday. 

  • Deprived of Yasser Al-Shahrani, the French technician can however count on Al-Dwasri and Al-Shehri, the two scorers against Argentina, and his goalkeeper Al-Owais, author of several decisive parades (2-1). 

  • Opposite, Poland was not really reassured against Mexico, largely dominating (0-0).

    And Robert Lewandowski, decidedly unlucky in the World Cup, missed a penalty.

    A defeat would almost definitively doom the hopes of Milik's teammates. 

09:00: The stakes of the match

How to come down from an unexpected victory, the most beautiful in the history of his country, so as not to ruin everything four days later?

Curious dilemma for Saudi footballers, who have not had to touch the ground since this legendary match against Argentina.

We are counting on Hervé Renard and his proven art of remobilization to have put their heads right side up: “Everything happens in the head, he warned after Argentina.

We still have two difficult matches, we have to keep our feet on the ground.

This result will go down in the history of the World Cup forever, but tomorrow we will turn the page and focus on the second game”.

The Poles of Lewandowski are only waiting for a hint of deconcentration to get back into the race for qualification. 

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