Issa Darwish: 3 cases of counting the time as "lost allowance" in the World Cup in Qatar

FIFA confirmed that stoppage time will be more accurate in the current World Cup.

From the source

Former World Cup football assistant referee Issa Darwish said: “There are three cases in which the referees who run the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar calculate the lost time during the match,” noting that “these steps consist in celebrating the goals inside the stadium, and in the event of treatment on The field when a player is injured, as well as during the change of players during the match, ”noting that the “mouse referee” is not responsible for the process of calculating stoppage time, but rather it is carried out by the video assistant referees next to the fifth referee.

Darwish told "Emirates Today": "The actual wasted time, not the estimated one, is calculated accurately by the referees who run the World Cup matches. For example, if a player was injured during the match and was treated on the field, how much time it took to treat is calculated, while the player's replacement process One takes 30 seconds.

The three cases

■ Celebrating goals inside the stadium.

■ Time lost while treating injured people on the field.

■ During the process of switching players.

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