The Grand Sumo Tournament in Kyushu is Chiakiraku, and Takayasu, who is the sole leader with two losses, faces Aen, who has three losses.

The battle for the victory in the Kyushu tournament was narrowed down to three players: Takayasu with two losses, Takakage Ozeki with three losses, and Aen Hiramaku.

If Takayasu wins against Aen on the 27th, he will win the championship for the first time, and if he loses, he will be involved in the championship match.

Takayasu is one step away from competing for the championship in this year's spring tournament, autumn tournament, and Chiakiraku.

In the past, Aen has a record of 4 wins and 4 losses, but in the past year, Takayasu has lost two games in a row, and Chiakiraku in the spring tournament has also lost to Aen.

Both of them are good at thrusting, but Takayasu wants to take a turn and block Aen's movement, calmly, and decide the game without facing each other.

Aen, on the other hand, will be able to open up the road to his first victory if he continues to attack while keeping his distance with thrusts that make use of his long arms.

Another 3 losses, Takakeisho will have a chance to win if Takayasu, who enters the ring first, loses, and will face sekiwake Takakage Waka in the final round.

The past match record is 5 wins and 5 losses, but Takakeisho has lost 4 consecutive times since this year's spring place.