Seina Irie, who won the gold medal in the boxing women's featherweight division at the Tokyo Olympics, participated in the All Japan Championship, which she faced as her last competition, won the semifinals of the first match, and advanced to the final on the 27th.

Irie, a fourth-year university student and 22 years old, won the gold medal, the first medal for a Japanese woman, in the women's featherweight division at the Tokyo Olympics last year.

From next spring, I will go to graduate school at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology to be involved in research on my favorite frog, so I will retire after the All Japan Championships in Tokyo. I played against Honoka Misaka.

Immediately after the start of the first round, Irie created a flow with her agile stepwork and her signature left jab.

After that, she didn't slow down her attack and was knocked down again by the referee.

Irie recalled, "I was a little nervous before I stepped into the ring, but I'm the type to be defiant once I'm in the ring, so I was just thinking about winning. The coach told me, 'You can do whatever you want,' so I did my best with my instincts." .

As for how she feels going into her final competition, she said, "I'm feeling lonely, like her graduation ceremony, and hopeful about her next career path. I don't know."

The All Japan Boxing Championship will be held on the 27th in all weight classes, and Irie and Tsukimi Namiki, who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, will participate in the light flyweight division.