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“If the 2010 Brazil World Cup has a ‘fortune teller octopus’, the 2022 Qatar World Cup has BBC commentator ‘Chris Sutton’.

” BBC commentator Chris Sutton predicted the second match between Korea and Ghana.

On the 25th local time, the BBC released the predictions for the second leg of the Qatar World Cup group stage by commentator Chris Sutton.

Sutton, a former England national team member, said of the first match between Korea and Uruguay, "Uruguayan veterans Suárez and Cavani can put pressure on Korea, but Korea will control the game with possession." "He even predicted a 1-1 draw.

The score was different, but the result of the 'draw' and the contents of the match were hit, and it was evaluated that the prediction was successful again following the match between Japan and Germany.

According to the predicted score for the second match he revealed that day, the second match between Korea and Ghana in Group H is 1-0, with Korea winning.

"The draw between Korea and Uruguay was a goalless game, but it wasn't boring. There were opportunities on both sides, but no one took them," Sutton said. , it will be very close,” he added. 

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Sutton also predicted another Group H second leg, a 0-0 draw between Portugal and Uruguay.

In the commentary published together, he said, “I don’t predict a 0-0 situation well, but I have a feeling.” I hope that doesn't happen," he said.

If Sutton's prediction is correct, South Korea will advance to the round of 16, rising to second place alone after Portugal right after the game against Ghana.

Meanwhile, the match between Korea and Ghana will be held on the 28th (Mon) at 10pm at the Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar.

As a result of the first leg, Korea has 1 draw and Ghana has 1 loss.

(Photo = BBC capture)