Even the strong Uruguay players, ranked 14th in the FIFA rankings, were surprised by the fighting spirit and skills of the Taegeuk warriors.

After the game, both the coach and the players evaluated that Korea was stronger than expected and expressed that it was a game in which they could not find a way out.

This is reporter Han Sang-woo.


Before the match, Uruguay coach Alonso, who was confident of victory, entered the press conference with a firm expression after ending in an unexpected draw.

He confessed that he was surprised by Korea's unexpectedly strong power.

[Diego Alonso/Uruguay national football team coach: The Korean team put a lot of pressure on our team in the first half, especially in the first 20 minutes.

That's why Korea was ahead in ball possession.]

Godin, captain of Uruguay, who played when Korea defeated Korea in the round of 16 at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, was also surprised by Korea's progress.

[Diego Godin/Uruguayan national soccer team captain: I couldn't move forward (forward) in the first half.

It seems that the Korean team blocked us well and we couldn't find the exit.

It was like a well-trained army.

Embarrassed and surprised.]

Midfielder Valverde, who shook Korea's goal post with a powerful shot in the second half of the game, couldn't help but smile even though he was chosen as the best player of the match.

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[Federico Valverde/Uruguay national soccer team midfielder: I was a little sad and angry because I couldn't bring victory in today's very important game.]

Japanese and other overseas media also commented on Korea, which played an equal match against strong Uruguay, with a solid defense. He gave a generous evaluation saying he blocked Uruguay's spear.

In addition, Son Heung-min, who showed a fighting spirit wearing a mask and digesting full-time, was praised for showing a presence in the air defense.