, Beijing, November 26 (Xinhua) Beijing time last night and this morning, the Qatar World Cup entered the sixth day of the group stage, with a total of four games.

Qatar, which was full of ambition before the game, unfortunately became the first team to miss the knockout round of this World Cup. They took over the baton of "worst host" from South Africa.

  Facing the African champion Senegal, Qatar's performance was much better than the first game, but the gap in strength between the two teams was still reflected in the game.

  Goals from Braye Dia and Diediu gave Senegal the lead.

Mohammad Muntari scored a goal for Qatar in the 77th minute of the game, which is also the first World Cup goal in Qatar's history.

But 6 minutes later, Bamba Dieng's push made the final score at 3:1.

  In fact, after losing to Senegal, the Qatar team still has a chance of qualifying, but the premise is that the Dutch team needs to suffer a losing streak in their last two group matches.

The picture shows the Dutch player Blind (middle) in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  However, the Oranje, which is aiming to win the championship, did not leave much room for the host to dream. They drew 1:1 with Ecuador in another match in Group A this morning. It's consecutive goals.

The two teams currently share 4 points, and both have the initiative to advance.

  The Qatar team thus became the host of the second team eliminated after South Africa.

And compared with that South African team, Qatar's way out is more clean and neat.

  South Africa's 1-1 draw with Mexico in the 2010 World Cup opener continued the host nation's unbeaten record in their opening game.

They still had the performance of beating the French team in the group stage, and there was still hope of qualifying until the final round. In the end, they ranked third in the group with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, accumulating 4 points, and missed the promotion only because of the goal difference disadvantage.

On November 25, local time, in the second round of Group A of the World Cup group stage, the host team Qatar lost 1:3 to Senegal and suffered a two-game losing streak.

  The Qatar team first broke the law of undefeated hosts in the opening game, and then was eliminated one round ahead of schedule with two consecutive losses. All kinds of performances have confirmed the name of "the worst host".

In the final round of the group stage, they still have to face the Netherlands, which is the strongest in this group and aims to be the first in the group.

  Although the host is not very strong, Iran has won glory for Asian football.

  On the sixth day of the game, the Iranian team contributed the first lore of this World Cup.

The Welsh team became the "unlucky guy". Goalkeeper Hennessey was sent off in the 85th minute and became the key to determining the direction of the game. This was also the first direct red card in this cup.

The picture shows Cheshmi (left), No. 15 player of the Iranian team, celebrating a goal.

  The goals appeared in the 7th and 10th minutes of stoppage time in the second half. Cesmi and Rezayan helped the Iranian team get a crucial 3 points.

This is also the third victory of the Asian team in this cup.

  The "football and soccer battle" between the England team and the US team ended in a 0-0 goalless draw.

England's "Youth Storm" went out, but the US team created a few good scoring chances, and Pulisic hit the crossbar once.

  England currently tops Group B with 4 points, followed by Iran with 3 points, the United States with 2 points and Wales with 1 point.

All four teams have the hope of advancing in the final round, and they all have the possibility of being eliminated.

The picture shows England player Kane (middle) headed for the top.

  From tonight to tomorrow morning, Beijing time, the second round of competition in Group C and Group D is about to start.

The four games are as follows:

  Tunisia vs Australia at 18:00 in Group D; Poland vs Saudi Arabia at 21:00 in Group C; France vs Denmark at 00:00 in Group D; Argentina vs Mexico at 3:00 in Group C.

  Although the performances of Saudi Arabia and France in the second round are expected, the most watched game today is undoubtedly Argentina vs. Mexico.

Image source: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar "Delivery and Inheritance" Organizing Committee official Weibo

  The Argentine team, which has been crazily output by various jokers and various emoticons for three days, finally ushered in the second game.

For the Argentine team and Argentine fans, this should be the only good news in recent days, at least until today's game ends.

  Can it get any worse?


The strength of the Mexican team with its own "knockout physique" should not be underestimated. In terms of the state shown by the Argentine team in the first game, they are not sure that they can defeat such an opponent at such a moment.

But after a dreadful start, Argentina desperately needed a win to improve their image and repair the hearts of their fans.

  Can Messi's "Last Dance" still dance?

It depends on whether the Argentine team can find their true "script".