The players of the Iran national soccer team sang along during the second World Cup match against Wales during the anthem.

All eleven actors moved their lips relatively motionless and without much passion on Friday in Al-Rajjan.

A fan with an Iran flag could be seen in the audience, who was crying bitterly.

In the first World Cup game against England on Monday, the professionals had not yet sung the anthem.

There was a lot of noise from the stands before both games.

In the past few days, there have been reports of the threat of drastic sanctions and increased pressure on professionals from the government.

For weeks, Iran has been rocked by the worst protests in decades.

The death of a young woman in police custody had triggered this, and the security apparatus reacted with extreme severity.

The horror at the many killed demonstrators was great.

"I'm ashamed (as an Iranian) when I see the pictures of the last few days," striker Mehdi Taremi wrote on Instagram.

Violence is unacceptable and will definitely not solve the country's problems.

The players are aware of possible consequences in their home country.

At the same time, many supporters of the protest movement had sharply criticized Iran's Team Melli in recent weeks.

In particular, a photo with President Ebrahim Raisi in a relaxed mood caused outrage shortly before departure.

The critics complained that the action on the field was too late and too small.