Uruguay is 14 places higher than us in the FIFA rankings, but as you can see, a tight match continued for 90 minutes.

Uruguay was taken aback by the national team's reckless moves, and acknowledged the strength of Korean football, saying that they could not find a way out after the match.

This is reporter Won Jong-jin.


Uruguay players reacted furiously as time passed in front of the Taegeuk warriors who were running fiercely.

He had two misfortunes at the goal, and in the decisive opportunity, goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu caught it, and when the shot cut through the air, he looked frustrated and annoyed.

Valverde, who roughly blocked Lee Kang-in's breakthrough, gave a provocative roar.

Coach Alonso, who had set the goal of winning before the game, pushed hard, but the tide did not change.

[Diego Alonso/Uruguay national football team coach: The Korean team put a lot of pressure on our team in the first half, especially in the first 20 minutes.

Especially in terms of ball possession.]

Valverde, who hit Korea's goal with a powerful mid-range shot at the last minute, couldn't smile even after being selected as the MVP of the game,

[Federico Valverde/Uruguayan national soccer team midfielder: Victory in today's very important game. I was a little sad and angry because I couldn't come.]

Godin, the captain of Uruguay, who defeated us in the round of 16 of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, expressed surprise at the drastically changed Korean soccer.

[Diego Godin/Uruguayan national soccer team captain: (The Korean team) locked us up well, and we couldn't find a way forward.

I had to use a long ball to aim for the back space.]

Overseas media, who predicted Uruguay's victory, said it was a draw that Korea fought well. It was a good sign for Korea.

(Video coverage: Yoo Dong-hyeok, video editing: Park Jeong-sam)