In the group G match between Switzerland and Cameroon in the first round of the World Cup Qatar tournament, Switzerland, which boasts a solid defense, won 1-0 and gained 3 points.

Switzerland ranked 15th in the world and Cameroon ranked 43rd in the world played against Cameroon, the 43rd in the world.

In the match, Cameroon, who boasts high offensive power, created many chances in front of the goal from the first half, but Switzerland, which has a solid defense, conceded 2 goals in 8 matches in the European qualifiers, defended mainly with goalkeeper Jan Sommer, and finished 0-0. I turned around at a tie of 0.

In the 3rd minute of the second half, Switzerland turned a pass to break down Cameroon's defense, and forward Brill Embolo hit a cross in front of the goal to give Switzerland the lead.

Switzerland defended this one goal with solid defense and won the first match with a score of 1-0, giving them three points.