, Beijing, November 24th. Beijing time last night and this morning, the Qatar World Cup entered the fourth day of the group stage, and a total of four games were launched.

  They played hand in hand, but the circumstances of the two former world champions, Germany and Spain, were very different.

  The Spanish team, which did not hold fire, beat Costa Rica 7-0, creating the largest point difference so far at the start of this World Cup.

Throughout the game, the Spanish team passed as many as 1056 times, which is extremely rare.

  Olmo, Asensio, Ferran Torres, Garvey, Soler, Morata and others all scored goals. Garvey, who contributed a pass, became the youngest goal scorer in the history of the Spanish World Cup. Matador The youth whirlwind of the Legion is amazing.

  If Spain is experiencing sweet music, then the German team encountered a horror story.

The German team, who couldn't bear the "good brother" Argentina being ridiculed alone, found the optimal solution to share the "fire"-losing to the Asian team in exactly the same way.

  Just like Argentina's game the day before, Germany also took the lead in the first half with a penalty kick.

Then there is the precise copy of the plot trend - being tied, reversed, and cleverly focused by various jokes.

The picture shows the Japanese team celebrating their victory.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  However, the difference from the Argentine team is that due to the "peer" Costa Rica as a foil, the German team has not yet finished at the bottom of the group, leaving a bit of room for fans to have fun.

  2:1 reversal defeated the powerful German team, and the Japanese team once again justified the name of Asian football.

The goal of the quarter-finals that head coach Morihoichi called out before the game is really not just talk.

However, as captain Yoshida Maya said after the game, the Japanese team has only won one game so far. "We must remain focused and calm to prepare for the next game."

  The progress of the other two games of the day was somewhat dull.

The Croatian team led by Modric scored a goalless draw with Morocco 0:0; and the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois, who had been busy for a whole game, finally defended a victory for the team. "European Red Devils" 1: 0 small win over Canada.

The picture shows Croatian player (white) Modric with the ball.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  Although the Japanese team amazed the world by defeating Germany, the most shining star of this match day was the 18-year-old Spanish midfielder Garvey, who won the best performance in the game.

  In this young matador corps, the 34-year-old Busquets is the only remaining member of the 2010 World Cup champion team.

When he looked at Garvey and Pedri next to him, his eyes were full of Harvey and Iniesta 12 years ago.

  In addition to Pedri and Garvey, who have won the Golden Boy Award for two consecutive years, there are also "post-00s" Baldr and Fati... They are not only the hope of the Spanish team, but also represent the future of world football.

The picture shows the Spanish team celebrating a goal.

  From tonight to tomorrow morning Beijing time, there will be four group matches in the World Cup in Qatar.

Including the five-star Brazil and Portugal led by Ronaldo, the last eight teams in the top 32 will make their debut.

  The specific matches are: Switzerland vs. Cameroon at 18:00 in Group G; Uruguay vs. South Korea at 21:00 in Group H; Portugal vs. Ghana at 00:00 in Group H; Brazil vs. Serbia at 3:00 in Group G.

  Among these four games, the one that attracted the most attention was Portugal vs. Ghana, especially when Manchester United just announced Ronaldo's departure from the team yesterday.

  After holding on to each other for a long time, "separation" has become the final choice between Ronaldo and Manchester United.

When various rumors are rampant, how Ronaldo can respond in the World Cup has become the focus of recent debate among fans.

According to news on November 21, Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, who is going to the World Cup for the fifth time, conducted pre-match training in Qatar a few days ago.

This may be the 37-year-old's last World Cup trip. During the training interval, Ronaldo did not forget to show off his iconic muscle lines.

  News on November 21, the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, who is going to the World Cup for the fifth time, was training before the match in Qatar.

This may be the 37-year-old's last World Cup trip. During the training interval, Ronaldo did not forget to show off his iconic muscle lines.

  The 37-year-old Ronaldo is about to play in the World Cup for the fifth time. His previous best result was reaching the semi-finals with the team.

Ronaldo recently revealed that winning the World Cup has always been his dream, and he doesn't think it's an impossible goal.

  South Korea is the last Asian team to play in this World Cup.

Prior to this, the overall record of the AFC teams in the first round of the group stage was two wins and three losses.

  Facing Uruguay, which has sharp strikers Suarez and Nunes, the South Korean team is at a disadvantage on paper.

However, the performance of the Saudi team and the Japanese team will undoubtedly give South Korea more confidence to compete with strong teams, especially the "Taichi Tigers" also has the number one star in Asia, Sun Xingmin, who will wear a mask for the game due to facial injuries.

  The match between Brazil and Serbia is the last match of the first round of the group stage, which is also in line with the identity of the Samba Army.

With the lessons learned from Argentina and Germany, the debut of the five-star Brazil must not be taken lightly.