(Qatar World Cup) Reporter's Notes: At that moment, Japanese football was the envy of the whole of Asia

  Chinanews.com, Doha, November 23rd, title: Reporter's Notes: At that moment, Japanese football was the envy of the whole of Asia

  China News Agency reporter Wang Xi and Bian Liqun

  Walking into the Khalifa International Stadium again, the blue color of the neighboring Japanese team is everywhere.

Inside and outside the arena, the "blue warriors" filed in, their faces full of anticipation and confidence, "We have a chance to win, three to zero!"

  At this moment, the Japanese fan groups who came from Tokyo, Osaka and other places are already ready to go. Their goal of reaching the quarter-finals of the World Cup has given them high morale, especially in the previous game where Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina in an upset. Reasons to believe that football is round and anything is possible.

  The opponent in this campaign is the German team, which is a veteran team in international football and has won four Hercules Cups before.

In contrast, the qualifications of the Japanese team are undoubtedly much younger, but the accelerated development since the 1990s has successfully allowed this East Asian team to gradually complete the process of transforming from an Asian powerhouse to a world powerhouse.

Especially in the knockout round of the last World Cup, the Japanese team once put the European Red Devils Belgian team into a desperate situation, and its strength can be seen from this.

  Now that four years have passed, the strength of the Japanese team has not declined but has risen. The entire lineup of players in Europe is second to none in Asia.

Even the German team had to admit before the game that the match against the Japanese team was doomed to be difficult, and it would not be easy to win.

  This is tantamount to a "boosting shot" for Asian football, which is weak overall and "loses less but wins" against the world's strong teams. The difference between being regarded as "shockingly unpopular" is that the Japanese team has long regarded defeating the world's top teams such as the German team as an ordinary goal, and even threatened to complete a big victory. "National determination" from top to bottom.

  Looking at the entire Asian football world now, which team can have such confidence?

But Japanese football can do it. This East Asian team has a complete youth training system, a solid public foundation, and an open attitude towards players studying abroad, making their ambitions solid and powerful, far from unrealistic. of rhetoric.

  Obviously, this alone is enough to make Asian football envious, because such an achievement is far from a one-day achievement, but it is built bit by bit, down-to-earth, and there is no falsehood or quick success in the middle.

  Maybe it’s like a Japanese fan’s suggestion for Asian football: “We need more patience and perseverance, as well as true love. Don’t be afraid of failure and setbacks, because any gains and victories are never easy.”

  If a grassroots fan's awareness of football is like this, then the entire country's awareness of football is so high that one can imagine it.

  In the end, the result of defeating Germany 2:1 proved that what Japanese football said was true.

The performance of Japanese football in the World Cup has won enough respect from the world football.

At that moment, for Asian football, in addition to envy, there is more to learn and learn from.