A meeting of professional baseball owners was held, and in order to broaden the base of baseball, a plan was drawn up to expand the league that would host matches between the two teams. became.

Juichi Yamaguchi, the owner of the Giants, who chaired the owner meeting, made this clear at a press conference after the meeting.

The official games of the 2nd Army are currently divided into the Eastern League and the Western League, and are played by 12 teams. It means that we have put together a plan to expand the league of.

Specifically, we are soliciting teams to participate in the two-army battle, and regarding the number, Chairman Yamaguchi said, ``Is it possible for about two teams to participate?''

On the other hand, he does not expect to participate in the first army battle or the draft meeting.

At the moment, companies headquartered in Tokyo are hoping to participate in Shizuoka City as their base.

In the future, we will review companies that wish to participate, and aim to realize the year after next year, Reiwa 6.

Chairman Yamaguchi said, ``In the expansion plan, the new team will be in a place other than the existing home bases of the 12 teams. It will be."