Penalty, goal and thanks.

With very little,


leaves a notch, the first, but without the freshness provided by the goals of

Joao Félix

, starter, or


, who scored as soon as he jumped onto the grass of the 974 stadium, lifting ship containers on the shores of the bay of Doha.

An innovative venue for new stars, because Cristiano showed that they command stripes, starting against Ghana, but with more internal than external competition.

The victory, squeezed by an unexpected and even comic ending, due to the mischief of

Iñaki Williams

against the goalkeeper

Diogo Costa

, calmed Portugal, but did not end their debate.

On the contrary.

When Cristiano was brought down by


, the Ghanaian players were waiting for VAR intervention.

They were sure that the penalty would be corrected.

A slight touch on the foot and the Portuguese striker collapsed.

If there had been contact, it would not be corrected.

That's how it went.

In the luck of the launch, it did not fail.

The stadium, full of Asian fans, erupted and chanted the star's name.

The magnetism is still intact.

The speed is off.

Slow, Cristiano needs, at 38, to make fewer runs and take refuge in his shot, in the punch.

At the first hand-to-hand proposition, he did not arrive.

When he was able to hole out, a slight charge nullified his goal, as insignificant as in the subsequent penalty.

In the second half, another duel action with the goalkeeper ended, won by Ati, even though the offside was called.

What did not fail before, now it does, as one more.


Shortly after he was replaced, although leaving the field with Joao Félix and Bernardo Silva, three kings, hurts less.

Fernando Santos, booklet coach, gave breaks to those who will always play.

This indicates that the Atlético player will be one again, a doubt prior to the World Cup.

Then Ghana reduced the distance, until the final 2-3.

Sweats in the Portuguese bank until the final scare.

The Africans could have done more if they had followed the attacking instinct that has always distinguished the Africans, but they played like the most tactical of the Europeans.

They only woke up to other people's goals, with

Ayew 's equalizer and


's last goal

, taking advantage of the rival's defensive relaxation.

Cristiano cursed, already on the bench.

Iñaki Williams

, debuting in a World Cup, played very far from Diogo Costa's goal, disconnected and booked.

However, he connected right at the end, when he took advantage of the goalkeeper's mistake and only a slip from the striker prevented a goal that would have meant the tie.

The doorman left between hugs of his.


At the end of Ghana, Portugal initially responded with a trotting game, erratic, and barely leaked a few balls in search of Cristiano.

That made defensive work much easier for Ghana, who were virtually uncompromised until the penalty, an erratic hour.

The goal stirred the clash and spaces appeared.

When Ayew tied, the game was already another, you could run.

Joao Félix

did it

on the right to get a liquid goal, for the run and the hit.


has the goal by penalty.

They have, today, more legs than Cristiano, but the gallons weigh, and more in what comes.

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