China News Service, November 24th. On the evening of the 23rd Beijing time, after the Japanese team reversed the German team 2:1 in the Qatar World Cup group match, the behavior of Japanese fans picking up trash after the game has attracted worldwide attention.

In the early morning of the 24th, FIFA also issued a document praising Japanese fans and the Japanese national team.

  After the Japanese team reversed the German team 2:1 in the World Cup group match, Japanese fans cleaned the stands and took away the trash from the seats.

Not only that, the Japanese national team also cleaned the locker room clean when they left.

FIFA wrote on the official social media: "After the victory over the German team, the Japanese fans cleaned up the rubbish in the stadium, and when the Japanese team left the Khalifa International Stadium, the locker room was like this, spotless. Thank you very much."

Screenshot of FIFA social media.

  It is reported that after Qatar's opening game against Ecuador, Japanese fans also stayed to clean up the rubbish in the stands.

Such a move won praise from some netizens, but some questioned: "They cleaned up the stands, so what are the cleaners doing? They stole the jobs that cleaners depend on for a living." (End)