Belgium captain Eden Hazard said, "The German national team players could have done better than they did (gagging their mouths), and worked on trying to win instead of something else," commenting on the image of the German national team before the start of their match against Japan – yesterday, Wednesday. - In the first round of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

And the German national team players appeared putting their hands on their mouths, with a statement from the German Football Association that the reason was to prevent the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” from wearing badges supporting homosexuals, and threatening to impose penalties in the event of sticking to carrying them.

Germany players put their hands over their mouths before their match against Japan (Getty Images)

FIFA warned the players not to wear any badge other than the one it gives them, otherwise there will be a warning to the player before the start of the match in the 2022 World Cup. FIFA's warning prompted 7 teams participating in the Qatar World Cup - including Germany - to back down from carrying the badge.

Hazard, the star of the Devils and Real Madrid, spoke about the image of the German national team, and said, "Yes, I saw it, but they lost the match after that."

"They could have done better and not do what they did. They should have tried to win. I'm not comfortable talking about that because I'm only here to play football. We're not here to send political messages," he added, in statements to French Radio Monte Carlo. There are others who care about these things."

The match ended with Germany losing to Japan 1-2 at the start of their participation in the World Cup, which is the second opening defeat for Germany, after a similar result in Russia 2018 against Mexico.

It is noteworthy that the Belgium national team achieved a difficult 1-0 victory against its Canadian counterpart, in its first match in Group F, which it leads with 3 points, before facing Morocco next Sunday.