Completely frustrated, Manuel Neuer pulled his jersey over his head and threw his gloves and FIFA captain's armband onto the pitch.

Stunned, the German national team experienced the next World Cup opening shock after a meaningful gesture against the world football association.

As in 2018 in Russia, the 1: 2 (1: 0) against Japan threatens to end the preliminary round again.

Two joker goals by Freiburg's Ritsu Doan (75th minute) and Bochum's Takuma Asano (83rd) shattered the dreams of national coach Hansi Flick and his team.

The numerous missed chances after Ilkay Gündogan's penalty goal (33rd) took revenge. 

"It's a huge disappointment for us, we're frustrated.

So shortly after the game, it's hard for me to understand how we gave it up," said Neuer after the game.

"The effectiveness didn't match at both ends.

It's ludicrous that we're left with a defeat here.

In the end, we clearly have to blame ourselves for the lack of efficiency,” said Thomas Müller self-critically.

And national coach Hansi Flick said: "It's brutally disappointing.

We missed a lot of chances to score.

You just have to say: Japan clearly beat us in terms of efficiency.”

Before the kick-off, the national soccer players scored with a meaningful gesture against FIFA.

After the "One Love" armband was banned, captain Manuel Neuer and his ten teammates demonstratively covered their mouths for the team photo before kick-off.

A strong image that went out into the world in front of 42,608 spectators from the Chalifa International Stadium.

The DFB team also presented themselves well on the pitch for a long time, even if Flick was only allowed to celebrate once in his large coaching zone.

Missing several top chances, not only when Gündogan shot the post (60th), was brutally punished in the end: the defense fell apart with the exception of goalkeeper Neuer.

On Sunday everything is at stake against Spain in the fight for a place in the round of 16.

Nancy Faeser with "One Love" armband

At least one political one-two succeeded on this remarkable Wednesday: on the VIP stand where FIFA President Gianni Infantino sat, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser wore the “One Love” armband for diversity, which Neuer had forbidden.

The SPD politician had first hidden them under her pink blazer, which she took off after kick-off.

From a sporting point of view, the 1:2 was reminiscent of the World Cup four and a half years ago, when a 0:1 against Mexico initiated the ignominious elimination of the preliminary round.

The German team has won its first game in all four world championship titles so far.

After the symbol before kick-off, there was a clear division of roles on the pitch.

The Japanese left the game completely to the DFB team and only waited for the dreaded switching moments after winning the ball themselves.

Even though Flick had warned about this quality, the four-time Asian champion posed a threat for the first time.

Gündogan, who was given preference over Leon Goretzka by Flick, lost the ball in the opposing half in the eighth minute.

The Japanese quickly bridged the midfield, but Daizen Maeda was clearly offside when he scored.