China News Service, Beijing, November 21 (Reporter Wang Hao) You may not believe it, but less than a day after the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, my circle of friends "split".

  Things have to start from last night——

  Everyone is looking forward to the opening of the World Cup every four years.

My circle of friends can say,

  The gongs and drums are blaring, the firecrackers are blasting,

  The red flag is waving, and there are huge crowds of people.

Screenshot of video profile.

  The first to take the lead was a friend from the technical school. Less than five minutes into the opening match, did you score a goal?

Oh, offside!

This is where the controversy arises——


Still not over?

  This is a problem.

  They researched from the ball to the defender, from the defender to the goalkeeper, and from the goalkeeper to the ball, but they still didn't reach a consensus... To be fair, some people, when I was in school, I never saw you being so serious!

  As the opening game progressed, the suspense of the game gradually decreased. Qatar lost two goals to Ecuador, making history-becoming the first host country to lose in the opening game.

The Qatari local tyrants at the scene looked a little disappointed.

  There is also a hot search on Weibo today: It turns out that even rich people are unhappy sometimes.

Indeed, I am unhappy because of the national team competition, and the local rich brother is also unhappy because of the national team competition, so I ≈ local rich brother?

Screenshot of video profile.

  Perhaps there was some resonance, so the "yin-yang strange style" has sprung up in my circle of friends like mushrooms after rain.

  "Fortunately a certain team didn't come."

  "If you don't understand, ask, when will the first match of the national football team be played?"

  "Which group are we in?"

  Let's leave it alone, right?

What did you scold when the national football team lost to Vietnam?

  I still remember it!

Data map: National Football Team.

  It is foreseeable that in the next month, regardless of whether others win or lose, the biggest loser will definitely be Chinese football.

There is no way, after all, this World Cup, Yiwu has more participation than the national football team...

  In addition to always being young and always cueing the national football team, there are also buddhist nostalgics in the circle of friends.

It is held every four years, and it has become the scale unit on their life journey. What were you doing when the World Cup opened four years ago?

Are the people who were with you eight years ago still together?

  After writing this, I took a look at the already bald leader and decided not to write.

In the past two days, he has been silently saying that he was staying up late and working overtime four years ago, eight years ago he was staying up late and working overtime, and twelve years ago he was still staying up late and working overtime.

If he was in a bad mood when he saw this, the editor might have stayed up all night and worked overtime, and his work points would have shrunk instead.

  The manuscript is easy to change, so we can change it as soon as we say it.

Well, some people don't want to recall the memories of eight years ago, not because the people who were with them eight years ago were not together, but because he was a Brazilian fan.

  This has to talk about another faction in the circle of friends, that is, the diehard faction, that is, fans who really support a certain player or a certain team.

For example, a Brazilian fan directly took a photo of the P picture, abruptly turning a five-star Brazil into a six-star Brazil.

  Don't say it, P is quite natural.

But have you ever thought about the consequences of your high-profile "poisonous milk" before the game...

  The circle of friends is here, the World Cup opener has just finished, I pack up and prepare myself for the full (jian) full (ao) work on Monday.

  Get up early and turn on your phone to swipe your circle of friends. Good guy, many colleagues just got off work.

Although the angles are different, they can be summed up in one word: sleepy!

  I would like to call it the business stay up late pie.

  As a media person, my mentality is very peaceful. Of course, it may also be because I am mainly assigned to watch the day shift...

  There is one thing to say, in the next month, the dark circles under the eyes of friends of this faction will gradually increase, and it is not known whether the hair can be kept, so I will not say any blessings such as everything goes well.

  The most practical thing is to hope that the neighbors of these friends have not been renovating recently.

  Of course, the "Nympho School", which I've been waiting for since Beckham didn't appear on the hot search last night, also appeared today.

To say that fans chasing the World Cup every four years is considered true love, and those of us who chase the World Cup handsome guys every four years are also loyal in another sense.

Data map: Neymar greets the fans.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

  Can't help but scold your favorite player or team for playing poorly?

  We don't—his face doesn't change, so does our love.

  In addition, what is more worthy of recognition is that at present, there is no situation in my circle of friends looking forward to the appearance of the Italian male model team. It may be because Italy has missed the World Cup for two consecutive times. Everyone is used to it... (End)