As the world awaits the launch of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development has put in place plans and programs to organize sporting, educational, cultural and community events for the World Cup fans that seek to leave a distinctive impression and a unique experience for visitors.

Under the slogan "Football is for all of us", Qatar Foundation's commitment is embodied in a series of festivals, activities and events that Education City will host throughout the World Cup and in the period leading up to it, as it will be available to all local and international fans to participate and enjoy it, and live a new and unique experience. And learn about different cultures.

Football, soccer, or soccer, the names are different, but the game is the same. It is the round witch exhibition that was launched by Qatar Foundation until November 12, and deals with the roles played by the media when transmitting football to the world.

Qatar Foundation believes in employing sport as a force to achieve cooperation and rapprochement between peoples (Al-Jazeera)

Creative development

Under the slogan "Welcome the World to Qatar 2022," the Qatar National Library, which is located in Education City, launched the art exhibition of children's works, "feather", until December 31, which aims to introduce the efforts of the State of Qatar in preparing for the World Cup, and to help children link contemporary events. And keeping up with it by using the arts, and by employing the means of creative and cultural development.

With the launch of the event imminent, Qatar National Library will launch the exhibition "Goole! Kick-off for Football in Qatar" during the period from November 15 to January 31 of next year, which sheds light on the journey of football, its history and prosperity in the State of Qatar since its beginnings to the present.

The “Gooles” exhibition will also be organized from November 16 to December 10, which reviews the impact of the Qatar World Cup through the personal experiences of a number of individuals who participated in the event, through various materials, such as digital photography, video, and presentations. and write.

Qatar Foundation organizes various events and activities during the World Cup (Al-Jazeera)

Fan experience

The most prominent event during the tournament is the “fan experience” in Education City. As visitors flock to watch the matches that will take place at the Education City Stadium, they will be welcomed by the Qatar Foundation community, introducing them to Arab culture, guiding them to various events, and sharing key ideas about the mission of Qatar Foundation, including the city. educational.

The "Darisha Festival for Performing Arts" will also be in its second edition, during the period from 11 to 17 December, as part of the Foundation's activities during the World Cup, which aims to introduce audiences to the richness of Arab culture, its language and heritage through musical and theatrical arts, poetry, storytelling and education.

Qatar Foundation’s activities during this month are highlighted in the Generation Dazzling Program “Goal 22”, which is the first student exchange program of its kind that is organized in conjunction with hosting the tournament, and was designed in a way that ensures leaving a sustainable legacy for the Qatar World Cup that embodies social responsibility, as well as building a network of schools that are committed to By supporting ethical sports.

Drisha Festival is one of the activities of the Qatar Foundation to introduce World Cup fans to Arab culture and heritage (Al-Jazeera)

Through the "All Capabilities" program and the platforms it provides to promote the participation of girls and women in sports, Qatar Foundation's role revolves around supporting the World Cup to be the best version in terms of accessibility for individuals with disabilities, in addition to spreading the culture of volunteering and consolidating the sports and community legacy of the tournament.

Qatar Foundation has launched a set of football-related initiatives in cooperation with the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), and the “Generation Amazing” program is one of the social responsibility programs in the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, including the Football for Schools Program in Qatar, which is an initiative run by FIFA, in cooperation with the Organization The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) aims to contribute to the education of about 700 million children worldwide and provide them with the support and empowerment they need to thrive.

Last October, the Foundation hosted the 2022 Children's World Cup, which brought together homeless children from around the world to participate in a football tournament, an art festival, and a platform that allows them to defend their rights.

Al-Kubaisi believes that the Qatar World Cup is an opportunity to introduce national identity and the values ​​of Arab culture (Al-Jazeera)

National Identity

Director of the Media Department at Qatar Foundation, Khalifa Al-Kubaisi, confirmed that the Qatar World Cup is an opportunity to introduce the national identity and the values ​​​​carried by Arab culture, noting that the Foundation works to welcome different cultures and ensure the provision of a unique and positive experience for all fans.

Al-Kubaisi said in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net that the Foundation will organize various events and activities during the World Cup, as it participates in training volunteers to facilitate the arrival of the participants in the World Cup, and the Translation and Training Center at Hamad Bin Khalifa University - a member of Qatar Foundation - provides blind and visually impaired football fans an opportunity to enjoy football competitions through audio descriptive commentary services during the tournament.

The Foundation welcomes all visitors and fans from all over the world before and during the tournament, and calls on all members of society to be an active part in employing sport as a force to achieve cooperation and rapprochement among different peoples, according to Al-Kubaisi.

He pointed out that Qatar Foundation will continue to promote the legacy that the Qatar World Cup will consecrate in the field of building a culture of volunteering in Qatar, which is a vital pillar for achieving social development and citizenship, pointing to the adoption of "My Academy" and "Qatar Academy of Science and Technology" as schools affiliated with education. Pre-university in the institution - from the Education City stadium to be based after the World Cup, reflecting the status of the stadium as a hub for learning, creativity and exploration.

The Foundation is set to launch an accessibility guide to enable people with disabilities - residents and visitors - to explore Qatar during the tournament period. The guide highlights many accessible offers and programs in Education City.