Former sumo wrestler Chiyo Tairyu has retired.

Kokonoe stable's Chiyo Tairyu is 34 years old from Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.

He has a track record of winning the national polity and winning the student yokozuna during his days with the Japanese Sports Sumo Club.

With his powerful thrusting sumo wrestling, he steadily improved his ranking and made his debut in the 2012 summer tournament in 6 places from the first ring.

Although he suffered from injuries after that, he served in the makuuchi dohyo for a long time, and his highest ranking is Komusubi, and he has won three gold stars and one technical award.

He was the 12th maegashira in the west, and after the 7th day, he finished the 7th day with a record of 2 wins and 5 losses.

On the 20th, the eighth day, Teru, who was scheduled to fight, was awarded a bye.

Chiyotairyu submitted his retirement notification to the Japan Sumo Association, which was accepted on the 20th, and retired from active duty.

Kokonoe master "I can't help but regret it"

Kokonoe Oyakata, former Ozeki and Chiyotaikai, his master, said about Chiyotairyu's retirement, "Even watching Sumo wrestling now, I could see that my physical strength was declining. I agreed that it was not good to go up in the ring with feelings.