Park Ji-won, the new ace of Korean short track, lightly overcame the baseline in the first match against Lim Hyo-jun, a naturalized Chinese citizen, and Lin Xiao-jun, a Chinese name.

In the 1,500m quarterfinals, Jiwon Park met Lin Xiaojun, who wore Oh Seonghong's flag on her chest, for the first time as a Korean athlete.

We took the lead from the beginning.

Lin Xiaojun tried to hit the ball with 4 laps left, but missed a chance because of a Chinese colleague who blocked the outside course, and he sprinted again with the last lap left, but he bumped into an American player.

In the end, Ji-won Park never lost the lead and took first place and Xiaojun Lin only placed fourth, but they luckily advanced to the semifinals due to a foul by an American player and will compete for medals in earnest tomorrow (12th).