China News Service, Beijing, November 6th (Liu Xingchen) In the early morning of the 6th in Beijing, the body temperature was very cold, only about 3 degrees.

  On this day, the Beijing Marathon celebrated its 40th birthday.

From 1981 to 2022, carrying hopes and dreams, the Beijing Marathon ushered in a historical node and a new starting point.

Image source: Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee

  On September 27, 1981, the first Beijing Marathon was held.

All the past is a prologue.

After more than 40 years, this national sports feast has become an important business card of Beijing sports culture.

  At the starting ceremony on the 6th, many volunteers wearing yellow overalls were guiding the runners to enter.

There are many middle-aged people in their team who are over fifty years old.

"Some of us went out before five o'clock in the morning today, and it wasn't fully dawn when we arrived at the scene." Mr. Bai introduced.

The picture shows the volunteers on site.

Photo by Liu Xingchen

  At 7:30, with an order, the 2022 Beijing Marathon started shooting in Tiananmen Square.

This long-distance running event has set sail again after 2019.

  Compared with three years ago, the route of the Beijing Marathon this year has not changed much.

Military Museum, Yuyuantan Park, Kunyu River, Kehui Bridge, National Stadium...

  A series of familiar buildings and scenic spots are arranged on both sides of the track, and 20,000 runners gallop past, forming a unique landscape in Beijing in autumn.

Tiananmen Square and Olympic Landscape Avenue are the starting and ending points of this Beijing Marathon.

Between the two landmark buildings in Beijing, the slogan "No Impossible" is vividly displayed on the 42.195-kilometer long road.

Image source: Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee

  After the competition, players Anubaike Kuwan and Xia Yuyu won the men's and women's championships respectively. The time was fixed at 2 hours, 14 minutes and 34 seconds and 2 hours, 28 minutes and 57 seconds.

At the moment of crossing the line, the cheers that arrived as expected continued for a long time.

"I'm quite satisfied with this result." Xinjiang player Anubaike Kuwan, who finished the game, said panting.

  The runners crossed the finish line one after another in the congratulatory voice of the host at the scene, "Congratulations for finishing the race". The three and five runners took pictures in the square, congratulated each other on their achievements, and recorded the sweaty part with the camera Comfortable.

  During the race, many runners waved their hands with smiles on their faces in the face of the event follow-up camera.

Among them, almost everyone also has unique memories of sports and marathons.

Pictured is the award ceremony.

Photo by Liu Xingchen

  When the race time came to 3 hours and 05 minutes, 76-year-old Xu Liming crossed the finish line with the team.

For a mass runner, that's a pretty impressive result.

  After simply adjusting his breathing, he immediately confirmed his final pace with the runners around him and smiled with satisfaction.

  "This is my second year participating in the Beijing Marathon, and I am very excited to be able to take part in the Beijing Marathon again after three years." Xu Liming, who is nearly 80 years old, still maintains the habit of long-distance running on weekdays, even when the temperature reaches below zero. In winter, he always wakes up early in the morning and starts a 3-kilometer jog.

  He couldn't remember how long he had kept this habit.

Xu Liming, who loved long-distance running when he was young, enjoys the joy brought by aerobic exercise.

Image source: Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee

  Marathon enthusiast You Yingliang always records his daily sports on the short video platform. This time he set his goal at 3 hours and 40 minutes for the Beijing Marathon.

After running, he used the action camera to record the moments along the way with his runners from time to time.

  "I wasn't really good at running when I was in high school. I was always at the bottom of the class, and my grades were basically hovering around the pass line." Talking about his initial running experience, You Yingliang said with a smile.

  After graduating from college, he came to work for a short video company.

Due to the need to sit in the office for a long time on weekdays, You Yingliang's waist often feels sore.

So, he decided to start a long-distance running exercise and use the camera to record the process of his growth.

  This time, he successfully fulfilled his pre-match goal and finished the game in 3 hours and 35 minutes.

"Actually, I can't believe this result. It took more than 4 minutes to run 1,000 meters at school, and the progress is still quite big."

Image source: Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee

  During the post-race conversation with the live host, a runner said loudly, "Thank you Beijing, thank you North Horse".

  And this is almost the voice of many people who witnessed this race, for the running enthusiasts who participated in it, the staff who served the race, and the media who recorded the stories.

"This is the best marathon I have ever reported." A foreign reporter typed this sentence on a keyboard.

  November is autumn, the best season in Beijing.

When the Beijing Marathon embraces the public again, the sports imprint of the "city of double Olympics" is even more profound.

Image source: Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee

  On the side of the passageway for finishing the race is the National Stadium "Bird's Nest".

The figures of the runners gradually disappeared in the fog, and they chatted and laughed in twos and threes, during which they were chatting for a long time, or sharing interesting events during the race, or encouraging each other as a family of three...

  The golden ginkgo leaves are falling with the wind, and the 40-year-old Beima has a peerless elegance.

Happy birthday.

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