China News Service, Shanghai, November 3 (Reporter Miao Lu) The Shanghai Marathon Organizing Committee announced on the evening of the 3rd that the Shanghai Marathon will be assembled again at 7 am on November 27, and the starting gun will be fired for the 26th time. The name depicts the flow of the city's landscape.

  Under the premise of implementing the requirements of prevention and control, in order to ensure the smooth holding of the event, the race will start at Jinniu Square on the Bund and finish at Yunjin Road, Longqi Road. The number of participants is 18,000, and only the marathon event will be set up.

  The public contestants are limited to the permanent residents of Shanghai who are over 20 years old (born before December 31, 2002) in the year of the competition. Homepage and My Account Page); non-Shanghai household registration personnel must register for the competition with their ID card and Shanghai residence permit; residents in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao must register for the competition with the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents and Hong Kong and Macao Resident Residence Permit; Entry for the competition shall be with the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and the Residence Permit for Taiwan Residents; foreigners in Shanghai shall register for the competition with their passports, valid visas and residence certificates that they have lived in Shanghai for 6 months.

  Among the runners who choose to keep their places in 2021 until they are launched in 2022, runners with permanent residents in Shanghai can choose to participate in the competition on November 27 or withdraw directly through the official website of Shangma or the APP of Shanghai; runners who are not residents of Shanghai will automatically reserve their places until 2022. 2023 Shanghai Marathon.

There will be no health running event in this year's event. Those who successfully signed up for the health running last year will have their places reserved until 2023.

The registration channel will open from 20:00 on November 3rd to 17:00 on November 5th.

  It is reported that the competition T-shirt of this event adopts Dri-FIT technology, which can guide moisture and dry quickly, helping runners stay dry and comfortable during running, and concentrate on their spirits.

In addition to introducing a graphic design with Shanghai characteristics and running inspiration, the back of the T-shirt also presents the slogan "Support you before you get on the horse", which supports the restart of the horse race, and also supports every marathon runner to go on the horse again and win good grade.

In addition, in order to increase the sense of honor of the runners, the organizing committee will also work with Nike to prepare a commemorative T-shirt for each runner who crosses the finish line.

  Starting in 2020, the Shanghai Marathon has launched the online running on horses, in the form of unlimited number of people and unlimited regions, calling on more marathon-loving runners across the country to join the big family of Shanghai Marathon and run together on the cloud.

The 2022 launch and online running will bring more surprises and gameplay in conjunction with PlayStation.

PS5 classic game IP: Cosmic Robot and his team members will lead runners to embark on a magical journey of exploration on the horse line.

  Registration for the 2022 Online Run will open on November 3rd and close on December 11th.

The start time is the same as the Shanghai Marathon offline event, which will start on November 27 for a month.

This year, the online running will set up individual races of 1km, 5km, 10km, half marathon and full marathon, as well as team races.

Contestants can complete the registration through the Launching Mini Program, and complete the competition through the Digital Heart App.