WBC champion Kenshiro Teraji defeated WBA super champion Hiroto Kyoguchi by technical knockout in the 7th round to unify the two groups.

WBC = World Boxing Council champion Teraji and WBA = World Boxing Association Super Champion Kyoguchi faced a unification match for the two groups in Saitama City on the night of November 1st.

The unification match between Japanese players was the second match in 10 years since the unification match between WBA minimumweight champion Higashi Yaegashi and WBC champion Kazuto Ioka.

From the beginning of the match, Teraji created the flow by hitting the left jab accurately, and in the 5th round, he knocked Kyoguchi down with a powerful right punch.

After that, I pushed Kyoguchi to the edge of the ropes and rushed, but Kyoguchi attacked me and made him unsteady on his feet.

In the 7th round, Terachi made a right straight, and when Kyoguchi collapsed, the referee stopped the fight and Terachi won by technical knockout, unifying the two teams.

Teraji, who was an amateur player when he was a student, played against Kyoguchi four times and won three wins and one loss, and this time he also showed his strength.

Also, prior to this unification match, the same light flyweight Shokichi Iwata challenged the title match with Jonathan González of Puerto Rico, who is the champion of the WBO = World Boxing Organization.

Iwata scored punches to the body in the early stages, but he was unable to create a decisive moment and was unable to win his first world match due to a decision loss.

Terachi "I was confident, really happy"

After the match, Kenshiro Teraji said, "I was confident that I would be able to win because I practiced well. To put it simply, I am really happy."

He also looked back on his opponent, KYOGUCHI Hiroto, saying, “I was a little nervous because he was a really strong opponent. The pressure was strong.

Also, regarding the fifth round, where he was counterattacked while taking the first knockdown, he said, "I had a pretty good response, so I had a naive idea that I might be able to wrap it up there. That's really a point to reflect on." I looked back.

And to Puerto Rico's Jonathan Gonzalez, who defended his second defense on the 1st at the WBO = World Boxing Organization Light Flyweight Champion, "Before the match, I talked to Gonzalez to win and have a unification match, so it came true. Let's do it next time."

Kyoguchi "full of frustration"

Hiroto Kyoguchi, who lost to Kenshiro Teraji, said, "I think the fans enjoyed it, but I'm full of frustration. I think I've done my best, I think I've done my best." Looking back at the game that became the first defeat.

Regarding Teraji, he said, "Even before the match, his jab was highly rated, and I was preparing for the match, but his jab was stronger than I expected. I could feel his strength."

Regarding the scene where he counterattacked with repeated blows after being knocked down in the fifth round, he said, "I don't remember after the first knockdown, and I don't remember the counterattack. However, I think I was able to do it because I've been training."