Dimitri Vernet 9:05 a.m., October 24, 2022

The contract signed between PSG and Kylian Mbappé this summer turns out to be the biggest in the history of sport: 630 million euros gross for the French striker, including several loyalty bonuses each season.

An astronomical sum revealed when the Parisian club presented a deficit of 350 million euros.

A rather spectacular contract.

It was the daily 

Le Parisien

who revealed the details of the agreement signed this summer between Kylian Mbappé and Paris Saint-Germain.

The football star has simply signed the biggest contract in sports history to date.


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Bonuses not linked to his sports performance

If the French striker goes to the end of his contract, that is to say until 2025, he could receive a total of up to 630 million euros gross.

Never seen.

This sum includes a salary of 72 million euros per year and huge loyalty bonuses each season, which are in no way linked to sports performance.

A staggering sum testifying to the importance of Kylian Mbappé in the Parisian project but which challenges, since in total it represents a quarter of the budget of the capital club.

Above all, this contract extension comes as PSG presented an estimated deficit of 350 million euros last season.

Despite new very juicy sponsorship contracts obtained this summer, the club's financial situation does not seem ready to improve.

Paris has therefore done everything to keep its jewel Mbappé, but the final addition promises to be particularly salty.