Recently, many questions have arisen on social media for those wishing to come to the State of Qatar to attend the 2022 World Cup, in light of the great facilities announced by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy.

Al Jazeera Net has tried to answer all the questions that concern those who wish to attend the World Cup, from the visa system to how to reside, move and treat inside Qatar.

  • Does entry to Qatar during the World Cup require a visa?

Qatar suspended the visitor visa system during the World Cup period, to be replaced by the "Haya" card for fans. Those who own the "Haya" card can enter the State of Qatar without a visa during the period from November 1 to January 23, 2023.

  • How to get the Haya card?

Purchase at least a match ticket, then confirm accommodation reservations, either through the official accommodation platform, online booking platforms, or confirm accommodation with family and friends, and one-day fans will need to extract a digital “Haya” card during the tournament, as the card will serve as a visa their entry into the country.

  • Are there any fees to apply for the “Haya” card?

Applying for the "Haya" digital card does not require payment of any fees.

New options for fans to activate the Haya card: 👇

✅ Accommodation with family and friends

✅ Visit Qatar via one-day fan flights

✅ Book accommodation through hotels or booking sites and apps

Haya card is mandatory for all #Qatar 2022 ticket holders.

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  • What are the benefits of the "Haya" card?

The smart application of the digital “Haya” card provides the ability to plan the movement of fans, and learn about all the activities held during the tournament period, in addition to a number of other advantages, such as entering the World Cup stadiums that host the tournament matches, free use of public transportation, and obtaining an entry permit to the country. For fans from outside Qatar, and to attend a number of events and activities accompanying the tournament.

  • Are there health conditions for the Corona virus for those coming to Qatar?

The State of Qatar has canceled quarantine procedures for all those coming to the country, and the Covid-19 vaccine will not be mandatory for fans who will come to attend the FIFA World Cup, and the Ministry of Health has canceled quarantine procedures for all travelers coming to Qatar, who are vaccinated or not, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not. country of departure.

However, all visitors over the age of six must submit a negative result for a Covid examination before boarding the aircraft to Qatar to attend the tournament, and a PCR test certificate (PCR) with a negative result valid for 48 hours or the rapid antigen test “Rapid” must be presented. A rapid test with a negative result is valid for 24 hours from the time of the scheduled flight to the State of Qatar.

  • Will service institutions within the country work regularly during the World Cup?

Based on the decision of the Qatari Council of Ministers to organize the workflow in various government institutions during the World Cup, from the first of next November, until Monday, December 19, the number of employees in the workplaces of government agencies will be reduced. To 20% of the total number of employees with the entity, while 80% will start their work remotely.

The military, security, health and educational sectors were excluded from these decisions, with an emphasis on not being affected by the vital sectors of the state.

  • Is the World Cup fans can be treated inside Qatar?

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy has unveiled the provision of 100 clinics in the eight FIFA World Cup stadiums, in addition to medical clinics in the fans' area and in the accommodation.

The health care system teams will also work together to provide a wide range of medical and other support services, which will include urgent and emergency care services, and the ambulance service at Hamad Medical Corporation, urgent care units and emergency units throughout the public and private healthcare sectors will be fully prepared to meet the demand The increasing number of medical services, and the presentation of the "Haya" card to fans in the World Cup will be a condition for obtaining treatment in the State of Qatar.

  • Can you invite your friend to come to Qatar?

    And what are the conditions for that?

Of course you can invite your friend if you are an international fan, but anyone who hosts you during the tournament period, including family members and friends, must register their property(s) and confirm your details, and once the host confirms your details, your accommodation arrangements will be automatically verified Hence, no further action is required on your part.

Learn about the conditions for benefiting from the Haya 3+1 card in this report #Qatar_TV

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  • What are the instructions for hosts?

If you plan to have guests, including family and friends, stay during the tournament, you will need to register your property so that your guests' Haya Card requests are approved, which will happen automatically after completing the process.

The host registers the Qatari ID number and the expiry date, and an SMS will be sent to the mobile phone number associated with the ID card. The host can add a maximum of 5 properties, and add a maximum of 10 guests per property.

  • Can everyone go to the sites of artistic events or only those who have the “Haya” card?

You will not need a "Haya" card in order to enter most of the fan zones, and the areas that need a "Haya" card will be announced before the start of the World Cup.

  • If there are problems activating the Haya application, who will solve these problems?

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has provided “Haya” call centers in seven languages ​​to serve the masses and respond to inquiries on the number 2022, and international fans can also communicate with the centers, and a service center was established at Ali bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Hall in Doha to deal directly with any problems in the application.

  • Can a World Cup ticket holder who is not resident in Qatar invite his friend to come to Qatar?

    And what are the conditions for that?

The Qatar Projects and Legacy Committee recently launched the "Come with Me 1 + 3" initiative, which allows any fan from outside Qatar who holds a "Haya" card to use the ticket number of a match to invite 3 non-ticketed fans to attend the tournament.

To take advantage of this initiative, the fan who has obtained a “Haya” card should visit the Haya portal and choose “My Card”, then click on “Action” and choose “Come with Me”, after which 3 coupon codes will appear that he can send to 3 fans who do not hold tickets.

The committee indicated that all international fans, who are not ticket holders and of all ages, can benefit from the "Come with me 1 + 3" initiative, provided that the beneficiary holds a valid passport. However, benefiting from this initiative is not available to residents of Qatar, but is limited to those coming from outside it.

What streets will be closed to vehicles during the World Cup?

The Doha Corniche has been designated for pedestrians in order to ensure the follow-up of the events accompanying the World Cup, and the movement of transport vehicles will be limited in a number of streets in order to make room for public buses to move between the stadiums.

  • How will school work before and during the World Cup?

The Qatari Council of Ministers decided that the working system in public and private schools, during the period from November 1 to 17, will be from 7 am to 12 noon, and that the mid-year vacation will be from November 20 to December 22 2022.