On the afternoon of October 5th, local time, he led his team to a 9-goal victory over the Cambodian U17 team and made a good start in the U17 Asian Cup qualifiers. After the Chinese U17 team coach Yang Chen and his assistants stayed in Shepparton Sports City, Australia, they continued to pay attention to the same group of Australia. The game against the Northern Mariana Islands.

In this game, the Australian team beat their opponents 23-0, thus temporarily ranking first in Group G with the advantage of goal difference.

  However, since the Northern Mariana Islands team is the weakest team in this group, its record is not included in the ranking basis of the second team in this group and the second team in other groups, so the Australian team is likely to be in the first game. with reservations.

The coaching staff of the U17 national football team, while learning more about the Australian team by watching the game on the spot, also reminded the players to always remain rational and vigilant against their opponents.

For this reason, in the second round against the Northern Mariana Islands on the 7th, the Chinese U17 team did not rule out the possibility of a large rotation of the lineup, allowing the main players to accumulate energy for the "decisive battle" with the Australian team in the final round of the 9th.

  Opponents may not do their best in the first round

  In the first match of the first round of Group G of the U17 Asian Cup qualifiers on the afternoon of the 5th local time, the Chinese U17 team defeated the Cambodian U17 team 9-0, thus laying a solid foundation for the qualifying and group top competition.

Affected by the temporary withdrawal of the East Timor team, there are only 3 teams left in Group H. No matter whether there are 4 or 5 teams in other groups, the second team in each group is compared horizontally (the rules stipulate that the second place in the 6 groups The team also advanced to the final stage), its record with the 4th and 5th teams in the same group is not included in the ranking basis.

  Since the Northern Mariana Islands are widely recognized as the weakest team in Group G, once the team is at the bottom of the group standings and Australia or China are second in the group, they will even have to beat the Northern Mariana. The archipelago team, its record with the team, especially the goal difference and other data can be ignored.

In this case, the Australian team will not necessarily go all out in the first round.

  However, it is worth noting that, compared to the Australian team that lost to Myanmar and Cambodia in the Southeast Asian U16 Junior Championships in August this year (which is actually an invitational tournament with a warm-up nature), it appeared in the U17 Asian Cup this year. The Australian team has undergone major changes.

Among them, coach Maroni also took office after the Southeast Asian U16 Football Championship.

Of the 23 Australian players who signed up for this qualifier, only 11 have played in the Southeast Asian Championships.

Among the newcomers, there is no shortage of rising stars like Ilan Kunda who have already risen to the top in the A-League.

In the 5th game, the black attacker really staged a "big four".

It can be seen that the coaching staff of the Chinese U17 team needs to make a new understanding of the Australian team.

It is of course necessary for them to collectively inspect the opponent's first-round battle.

  In the event of a weak team, strive for the greatest advantage

  The schedule shows that the Chinese U17 team faced the Northern Mariana Islands team in the second round on the 7th.

Although the results with this team will not affect the comparison between the second team in the group and the second team in other groups, it will still have an impact on the ranking of Group G in terms of vertical competition.

If the U17 national football team draws with Australia in the final round of the group, and at the same time has less goal difference than their opponents, they may also rank second.

From this perspective, it is necessary for the U17 national football team to strive for goal difference in the 7th game as much as possible.

  Of course, if the U17 national football team aims to beat the Australian team to win the top spot in the same group, then in the second round, the coaching staff must arrange for the main players to take a proper rest and select substitute players to play in the Northern Mariana Islands team.

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that no matter what kind of personnel arrangements are made by the coaching staff in the second round, they will require all players to respect their opponents, attach importance to the game, and go all out to win the victory with the greatest advantage.

  Preparing for the first round of victory has been "turned over"

  It is reported that after returning to the station on the evening of the 5th, the whole team did not hold any celebrations for the victory in the first round.

The head of the coaching staff and team management team reminded the players that the first round of the game has been "turned over", and everyone should calm down and prepare for the next two games with a rational attitude.

The coaching staff and management team also particularly hope that the players can cherish the opportunity of every international game, carefully summarize the gains and losses of the previous games, so as to prepare for the next two rounds of games.

  Text/Reporter Xiao Xun