What are you most looking forward to this season?

- It is of course the Eldebrink sisters' comeback in Sweden and the duels between the tok favorites Södertälje and Luleå.

Luleå is looking for revenge after the brutal collapse during the final series last spring, while Södertälje must basically win gold - anything else would be seen as a fiasco of epic proportions. 

Which signing is the most interesting?

- If we are talking about the best, it is of course the Eldebrink sisters, but the most interesting is Louice Halvarsson, who has also returned to Södertälje.

Does she still hold national team class?

Södertälje has a very short team, a miniature team, therefore it is key that tall Halvarsson delivers under the baskets and that her body lasts from October to April.

If Halvarsson is not at his best, SBBK is in a bad place.

CLIP: The twins Eldebrink back in Swedish basketball (October 4)

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"The goal of the return is that SM gold"

Which team will be the surprise of the year?

- Eos from Lund.

I saw them play a practice match recently and was extremely impressed.

The national coach Irene Otamiri seems to know what she is doing as a coach and the team has more talent than in many years, despite the fact that it is actually a completely new squad of players. 

Disappointment of the year?

- Högsbo.

The team has all the conditions to establish itself within the top four, and of course there are a bunch of competent players in the team, but the pieces of the puzzle do not fit together.

It's an odd team building to say the least.

There will be playoffs, but nothing more for the Gothenburg team.

Which team wins the SM gold and why?

- Södertälje.


Because they have no other choice.

Sweden finished top eight in the EC last summer with the Eldebrink sisters leading the team, having the two of them on paper should be enough to win in Sweden at club level.

In addition, Klara Lundquist is in the squad, who as recently as 2020-2021 completed one of the best basic series I have seen in Sweden when she dominated for Alvik.

If it is not gold, Täljehallen will go under.

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"Gold is the only thing that counts..." Photo: SVT/Bildbyrån