Professional baseball player Yakult Munetaka Murakami hit No. 56 home run, the most by a Japanese player. Exceeded, wonderful,” he praised.

Regarding Murakami hitting the 56th home run of the season, the chairman of the Oh team said, "I think he has grown as expected, improved his technique, and is mentally strong. He has surpassed numbers that are difficult to reach. Mr. Murakami is wonderful.I think records are meant to be broken.I have no regrets at all."

Regarding the fact that after hitting No. 55 on the 13th of last month, there was no home run until the final game on the 3rd of this month, he said, "Even he didn't think that the pain of birth was waiting at the end. I don't think so. In my baseball career, I think I've gained a lot of good experience.In the future, when more amazing cases come up, I think I'll be able to surpass them more easily." I talked to

Regarding winning the three titles of the Central League leading hitter, home run king, and RBI king, and winning the triple crown, he said, I'm surprised to be a king," he said.

Regarding Murakami's future, he said, "I'm going on a path that other people can't challenge. It's really rewarding as a baseball player. If you have a strong feeling that you can definitely hit it, for the time being, he will be the home run king. The times will continue. There is an expectation that we will be able to win the Triple Crown as many times as possible.”