• To stay in shape all year round, "20 Minutes" invites you to discover a selection of unusual sports to practice near you.

  • In this second episode, we went to a Kangoo Jumps® class in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne).

  • Created to help injured people recover, this form of fitness can be practiced by anyone.

Have you ever heard of Kangoo Jumps®?

This rather original form of fitness does not come from Australia, as one might think, but from Canada.

Spring boots, which look like ski boots, were patented in Switzerland.

Originally, they were intended to be used for the recovery of people who had been injured or had undergone surgery.

Raluca Tohat, coach in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne), gave us an appointment to show us the process of a Kangoo Jumps® session.

On the menu: warming up, cardio, exercises on the mat, stretching, and lots of sweat!

The shoes absorb 80% of the impact, which helps to "protect the joints", according to Raluca Tohat.

She also specifies that by practicing this sport, we burn “25% more calories than in a usual activity”.


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