The retired Russian player, Nurik Avdalyan, grabbed attention by executing a brilliant penalty kick, in the strangest way in the world of football, while participating in one of the Russian media leagues.

Russian and sports accounts on Twitter circulated a video of Avdalyan's penalty kick, in a way that is difficult to implement, as he performed an acrobatic move while shooting the ball into the net.

💥 WOW.

Norik Avdalyan scored a penalty in the Medialeague match against the GOATS team, making a somersault.

Norik already scored like this back in 2018 in one of the amateur leagues.

Then his goal became viral, and now the Armenian repeated the famous somersault again.

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Armenia sport (@SportVahe) October 3, 2022

After the ball was shot, the player turned with a sudden acrobatic move, while the ball was on its way to the opponent's goalkeeper's net.

Sports journalists described the player as "crazy" in the way he executed the penalty ball, and it was not the first time he had executed it in this way.

Вы когда-нибудь видели такое исполнение пенальти?!!!


— Сборная России (@TeamRussia) October 8, 2018

And the first time that Avdalyan executed the penalty in the same acrobatic manner and succeeded when he was still an active player in the stadiums in 2018, when he played in the lower categories for Rubin Kazan team in the second division of his country.

And the account of the Russian national team at the time, on Twitter, posted a video of the goal scored by the player, which garnered more than two million views.