On the 2nd, the major league decided to advance to the playoffs for the first time in two years for the Padres, which Yu Darvish belongs to, and Darvish also shared the joy with his teammates by drinking champagne.

In the playoffs of the major leagues, in addition to the winning team of each division in both leagues, the three teams with the highest winning percentage in the second place and below will receive wild cards, and six teams will participate in each.

The 2nd-place Padres in the National League Western Division lost to the Brewers, who ranked 2nd in the Central Division in terms of winning percentage on the 2nd, and decided to advance to the playoffs with a wild card for the first time in two years.

The Padres were playing against the White Sox in their hometown of San Diego.

After the game, Darvish took a commemorative photo with his teammates on the mound and shared the joy over champagne in the clubhouse.

With the team's playoffs decided, Darvish will not pitch in the final game of the season on the 5th, which is 4 days in the middle, and is expected to pitch in the district series advance decision game to be held after the 7th.

Pitcher Darvish said with a smile, ``I'm very happy that I was able to achieve my first goal.

Darvish has two playoff appearances with the Rangers and one with the Dodgers and Cubs, making it his fifth in two years.