In the professional baseball and Pacific League, the regular season ended in two days, and Orix pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto won all four major starting pitcher titles, including the most wins and best ERA.

It is the first time in history to win four crowns two years in a row.

[Pitcher Division] Orix Yoshinobu Yamamoto wins 4 crowns

▽ Orix's pitcher Yamamoto had 15 wins this season in his sixth year, an ERA of 1.68, a win rate of 70% and 5 minutes, and 205 strikeouts.

As a result, he won all four major titles for the most wins, best ERA, most winning percentage, and most strikeouts in a starting pitcher for the second year in a row.

It is the first time in history that four crowns have been won for two consecutive years.

The most wins and the highest winning percentage is the second time.

The best ERA and most strikeouts are the third time.

Orix Yoshinobu Yamamoto "So that we can get all the titles next year"

Orix pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who became the first professional baseball player to dominate the four starting pitcher titles for two years in a row, said, "I'm very happy that I was able to keep good numbers throughout the season, even though I had some good and bad games. Last year, I wasn't able to become the best in Japan, so this year I'm just aiming to become the best in Japan, and I want to throw my best in the next match."

Regarding the match against the batter that left the biggest impression on me, I picked Seibu's Hodaka Yamakawa.

After that, he vowed to make a further leap, saying, "There were games where we were caught up and lost the win in the final stages, so I want to be a pitcher with no gaps and improve my level so that I can win all the titles next year."

▽ The most saves are Rakuten's 9th year, pitcher Hiroki Matsui made 32 saves, the second acquisition for the first time in three years.

▽ The best middle pitcher is Yoshinobu Mizukami, who is in his second year at Seibu, and Kaiba Taira, who is in his fifth year, with 35 hold points.

[Battering category] Seibu Yamakawa wins double crown with home run and RBI

▽ The top hitter is Nippon-Ham's 11th year, Tsuyoshi Matsumoto won the title for the first time with a batting average of 30%, 4 minutes and 7 minutes.

▽The highest on-base percentage is Orix's 7th year, and Masanao Yoshida has an on-base percentage of 40%, 4 minutes and 7 minutes, which is the second time in a row.

▽ Home run king is Seibu's ninth year, Hodaka Yamakawa hit 41 home runs and won it for the third time in three years.

Yamakawa scored 90 points and became the first RBI king.

▽ The most hits were acquired for the first time by Hiroaki Shimauchi, Rakuten's 11th year who hit 161 hits.

▽ The stolen base king is Lotte's third year, and Eito Takabe is the first to win with 44 stolen bases.