Former makuuchi member Arashio Oyakata held a haircut ceremony, and fans and officials regretted his retirement.

Arashio Oyakata, a former makuuchi member of Soukokurai, is 38 years old and hails from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

He stepped on the first ring in the fall 2003 tournament and became the first Chinese-born man to enter the makuuchi in the fall 2010 tournament.

In 2011, he was dismissed by the Japan Sumo Association for being involved in a match-fixing problem, but the court found the dismissal null and void and his status as a makuuchi sumo wrestler, and returned in the 2013 Nagoya Tournament.

He won the skill award at the first place in 2017 with his favorite right four sumo wrestling, and in the following spring place he ranked second in front of the top, which is his highest rank.

After that, he retired in March the year before, and succeeded the name of Arashio, the name of Toshiyori.

About two and a half years after his retirement, on the 2nd, a haircut ceremony was held at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo, and acquaintances living in Japan from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, former yokozuna Hakuho Miyagino master, former yokozuna Kakuryu master Kakuryu, etc. About 240 people involved put scissors in the big goose.

And while Mr. Arashio was in tears, his former teacher, Eiji Suzuki, a former Komusubi and Otoyo, cut off the large tabby.

After this, Sekiwake Takakage Waka, who belongs to the room, and his older brother Wakamoto Haru of Hiramaku, the first of the same room brother confrontation was held.

It was a match that was not set up in the main tournament, and from the development of the two players pulling the mawashi, Takakage Waka won with a dynamic throw at the end, making his master's milestone day exciting.

Master Arashio said, "I want to thank all of you for coming. I think I'm still lacking as a coach, so I want to incorporate various things and raise wrestlers."